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The eGifter Rewards™ App for is HERE!

Big news for users, courtesy of the AppExchange! The eGifter Rewards™ App for is HERE! Now you can send digital gift cards directly from your or service cloud instance without missing a beat. Sales teams love the convenience and speed, which can make or break quota goals. Marketing teams achieve ROI-crushing results [...]

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Rewards Express: The Lightweight Gift Card Solution for SMBs

In just a few moments from now, you can join the cadre of savvy business leaders leveraging gift card incentives and rewards.  Announcing Rewards Express™ powered by eGifter Rewards. It's a simple, swift way to get in the bulk gift card game. Visit Rewards Express and in no time, you'll be designing and delivering [...]

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Use Case Series: Neobanks and Gift Card Automation

As the digital transformation unfolds throughout the financial services industry, Neobanks are gaining ground. By definition, a Neobank is a type of direct bank that operates exclusively online without traditional physical branch networks. They are also known as online banks, internet-only banks, virtual banks or digital banks. According to FICO, the banking industry is [...]

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Guide to Digital Gift Card Rewards

In recent years, gift cards have surged in popularity. No longer a fanciful trend, gift cards have become shopping habits and they are here to stay. And, there are tremendous benefits for businesses. Leaders are constantly looking for a competitive edge. They want to influence brand preference, motivate product purchases and encourage specific behaviors. Gift [...]

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Gift Card Appreciation for National Nurses Week

This week, hospital administrators and medical professionals have a unique chance to pay homage to nurses and healthcare workers. Once again, National Nurses Week is here. Health care executives know that a well-oiled operation (no pun intended) is due in large part to the dedication of their nursing staff. As we live through the [...]

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3 API Integration Ideas for Gift Card Rewards

Captain Obvious says, leverage your existing technology platforms to gain the maximum business benefit. That’s why injecting a seamless gift card rewards solution is a strategic home run. Obviously, we’re talking about connecting the eGifter Rewards platform to the multitude of information systems you already rely on. For example, does your company purchase corporate [...]

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Happy New Year from Team Rewards!

Cheers to the new year and all the best for 2022! A calendar reboot is always a good chance to review lessons learned and build a roadmap from data-driven experience. Sometimes, this means looking across the organization and finding ways to solve common pain points. The need to reward, motivate, incentivize, promote and say [...]

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2021 Guide to Holiday Gifting

End of year pressure is mounting. It’s time to buckle down and implement gift card solutions for surveys, marketing promotion fulfillment, sales quota incentives, health & wellness rewards and customer engagement incentives. Chances are, your budgets are approved but you’re in search of a tremendous gift card platform to execute. Well, congratulations on having [...]

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Growth Hacking with Gift Cards? Start here.

Imagine a seemingly magical ability to motivate people to take precise actions that literally expand your business. Indeed, you can influence behaviors of others. You'll transform your growth trajectory as a result. For example, get sales reps to close more deals. Motivate repeat purchases from high value customers. And, drive greater productivity from your [...]

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