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Gift Card Appreciation for National Nurses Week

This week, hospital administrators and medical professionals have a unique chance to pay homage to nurses and healthcare workers. Once again, National Nurses Week is here. Health care executives know that a well-oiled operation (no pun intended) is due in large part to the dedication of their nursing staff. As we live through the COVID-19 [...]

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3 Integration Ideas for Gift Card Rewards

Captain Obvious says, leverage your existing technology platforms to gain the maximum business benefit. That’s why injecting a seamless gift card rewards solution is a strategic home run. Obviously, we’re talking about connecting the eGifter Rewards platform to the multitude of information systems you already rely on. For example, does your company purchase corporate gifts, [...]

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Happy New Year from Team Rewards!

Cheers to the new year and all the best for 2022! A calendar reboot is always a good chance to review lessons learned and build a roadmap from data-driven experience. Sometimes, this means looking across the organization and finding ways to solve common pain points with shared resources. Everyone knows that the need to reward. [...]

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2021 Guide to Holiday Gifting

End of year pressure is mounting. It’s time to buckle down and implement digital solutions for gifting, surveys, promotions, incentives, rewards, wellness and engagement. Chances are, your budgets are approved but you’re in search of a tremendous gift card platform to execute. Well, congratulations on having found a secure, frustration free platform to help with [...]

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Growth Hacking with Gift Cards? Start here.

Imagine a seemingly magical ability to motivate people to take precise actions that literally expand your business. Indeed, you can influence behaviors of others. You'll transform your growth trajectory as a result. For example, get sales reps to close more deals. Motivate repeat purchases from high value customers. And, drive greater productivity from your [...]

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2020 Vision: Metrics. Motivation. Mobility.

With 2020 upon us, thoughts turn toward strategic development -- the underpinnings upon which your business will rely for years and decades ahead. Questions loom: What will drive the opinions, regard and most importantly, the behavior of your stakeholders? To be clear, it’s not just prospects and customers to consider, but employees, sales teams, freelance [...]

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Stories that Inspire: Retain Customers with Gift Card Incentives

If you’re looking for a quick injection of inspiration with regard to customer retention strategies and tactics, read on! Repeat customers are often among the most profitable given the absence of customer acquisition costs, overhead costs and onboarding expenses. The renowned go-to for corporate executives, Harvard Business Review, has conducted many-a-study on the value [...]

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