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Modernize Your Rewards and Incentives Program

Scalability through business process automation is the way to crush the competition in today’s agile economy. Modernizing your rewards and incentive program is more than upgrading computers and networks. It’s about looking deeply into systems and processes to uncover bottlenecks that slow down progress and hinder your growth. An easy place to maximize speed, [...]

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Gift Card Incentives for Gamification

Gamification is here to stay. Injecting gamification ideas and strategies into your Incentive Compensation Plan can be a lightweight effort that delivers heavyweight results for your company. Many thousands of companies like yours are getting great results by using merit and gift card incentives to align employees’ objectives with company goals. Use performance linked [...]

By |2023-02-24T22:59:42-05:00May 20th, 2019|Employee Rewards & Incentives|

4 Marketing Promotion Ideas You Can Use Now

Regardless of the industry or target audience, designing unique and impactful, engaging marketing promotions is the game at hand. Increase sales revenue, engage customers and build your marketing database. The key is to leverage personalized gift card rewards. Here are 4 marketing promotion ideas you can use now and always. Easy to Implement [...]

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