Employee Rewards: How to Nail It in a Remote Work Setting

In a world reshaped by challenging global events, remote work has surged to the forefront of our professional lives. This transformation has brought about new challenges and opportunities, particularly when it comes to employee satisfaction and happiness. A happy workforce is not just a more productive one; it's also a more loyal one. Companies [...]

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Supercharge Teams: Gift Cards Fuel Employee Rewards Programs

In today's world of social responsibility, employee well-being takes center stage. At the same time, leaders must deliver earnings, profitability, and growth. Employee happiness lies at the crossroads. As a leader, you understand the significance of employee rewards programs. The challenge is to keep teams motivated and engaged -- and competitive. In this article, [...]

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Gift Card Spotlight: Reward Employees with GiftOfCollege.com

Looking for creative ways to reward employees? One not-so obvious avenue is to help them retire student loan debt, either for themselves or a family member. After a three year pause, Federal student loan payments are now resuming. That makes Gift of College™ gift cards an ideal option for employee incentives and staff rewards. [...]

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Use Case Series: A Heartfelt Thanks to Healthcare Workers

Thanks to pop culture reminders like National Nurses week, the incredible efforts of healthcare workers rise to the spotlight. On occasions like this, our clients know firsthand that a self-service platform like eGifter Rewards is an ideal solution for hospital administrators and medical practitioners. That’s because eGifter Rewards is the perfect combination of automation [...]

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How to Run a Strategic Employee Rewards Program

Many recruiters and hiring managers have cited a definitive trend known as job hopping. Some refer to this as rapid employee turnover. The phenomenon is a serious risk that business leaders work feverishly to mitigate. With National Leadership Day on February 20th, learning how to run a strategic employee rewards program could not be [...]

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Say Thanks with Gift Card Rewards on Employee Appreciation Day

Get ready to save the day, Employee Appreciation Day, that is. eGifter Rewards is ready to make the process simple and stress-free so you can focus on what really matters: showing your appreciation. We have 250+ digital gift cards which you can quickly customize with your logo, a message and a digital greeting card. [...]

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Rewards Express: The Lightweight Gift Card Solution

In just a few moments from now, you can join the cadre of savvy business leaders leveraging a gift card solution.  Announcing Rewards Express™ powered by eGifter Rewards. It's a simple, swift way to get in the bulk gift card game. Visit Rewards Express and in no time, you'll be designing and delivering powerful [...]

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Saying Thanks at Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Our economy relies heavily on the trucking industry. Experts say that truckers are the backbone of America. And, they’re right. Day and night, America’s truckers navigate highways and byways to transport the essentials we depend on like food, medicine and equipment. As a nation, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude and allegiance to [...]

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Use Incentives and Rewards to Celebrate and Inspire

Some days just feel like Groundhog Day. As a business leader, the choice is yours to inspire the team with an extra dose of enthusiasm and purpose. Here’s an idea: Consult one of the many National Celebration Day calendars to spot some relevant motivation. Then, send a perfectly timed gift card to your staff. [...]

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