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Cash Out is King with the eGifter Gift Card Rewards App

The number of gaming apps that pay users to play games or perform specific tasks is staggering. Mobile apps and games can be addicting. However, they are terrific outlets for boredom, anxiety and energy. Mundane moments like waiting in line or traveling as a passenger can pass more quickly when playing a game. That [...]

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Customer Loyalty with the Best Gift Card Platform

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last.” It’s in this spirit that we share some thoughts on customer loyalty with the best corporate gift card platform, eGifter Rewards. The march toward customer loyalty has five logical steps. First, the effort is all about reach. You have to reach the right people at the [...]

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Simplify Customer Appeasement with Gift Cards

Even with an endless supply of time, effort and budget, you simply can’t please everyone all the time. There will surely be times when customers have problems or complaints that need review and resolution. For this reason, eGifter Rewards customer appeasement with gift cards can be future revenue savers. Your business reputation and revenue [...]

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Automating Business Gift Card Rewards

Procrastinators, not to worry! We are not going to psychoanalyze the myriad reasons you feel so overwhelmed, day after day. No, we’re not going to explore the root causes of your feelings around procrastination. Forget it! If you’re looking for ways to overcome the self-imposed anxiety around corporate gifting, trade show gift card giveaways, [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty

Our friends at Hubspot know a lot about customer engagement and they’ve assembled an Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty. With a tip-of-our-hat along with some value-added thoughts, this post is a quick tip guide to get your planning and creative juices flowing. Here is the eGifter Rewards replay of the Ultimate Guide to [...]

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Checklist for Corporate Holiday Marketing

Crunch time is here, meaning it’s time to get in gear for corporate holiday marketing, incentives and promotions. With the flurry of time sensitive tasks needed to maximize holiday sales results, it’s no wonder you’re on a search for Gift Card checklists and tips. Whether you're a leader at an enterprise level company [...]

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