Big news for users, courtesy of the AppExchange! The eGifter Rewards™ Salesforce mobile app is HERE! Now you can send digital gift cards directly from your or service cloud instance without missing a beat. Sales teams love the convenience and speed, which can make or break quota goals. Marketing teams achieve ROI-crushing results from promotional campaigns that motivate response through gift card rewards. Customer service agents win over disgruntled customers with instant appeasements. Retailers save big on sending gift cards in exchange for merchandise returns. The use cases are endless for users looking to save time and money by sending personalized gift cards from a Salesforce mobile app.

A Salesforce Mobile App for Rewards and Incentives

You asked, we listened. We heard countless customers share pain points associated with sending incentives and rewards. We responded by delivering an elegant, easy platform that will make you unstoppable. Whether your goal is to cement deals, motivate engagement or convert upset customers, the eGifter Rewards™ App is for you.  In moments, you can incentivize or reward that person you’ve been trying to influence.

A Look Under the Hood

Select a retail gift card brand from among hundreds in the catalog. Send to one recipient or to many. Personalize and complete the delivery. Naturally, all of the history saves right inside the record.  With this convenient rewards engine at your fingertips, you’ll watch the results roll in.

eGifter Rewards for Salesforce

Get Started

Download the app, Sign up, fund your account, and start sending gift cards immediately, directly from your Salesforce instance. All you have to do is focus on engaging people. We’ll provide the delightful, rewarding experience.

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