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Unlock the Power of Survey Rewards with Gift Cards

In today's fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the competition and understanding your customers' needs is crucial. Surveys are an effective way to gather valuable feedback. However, incentivizing participation can be a challenge. That's where gift cards come in. As a reward for completing surveys, gift cards are prime. They offer a host of [...]

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10 Ideas for Loyalty Marketing with Gift Cards

Corporate Rewards Programs are more essential today than ever before. Consumers are spending cautiously so companies are forced to compete in new and creative ways. Businesses are super focused on strategies that motivate and reward loyalty, purchase and engagement. The audiences are many, including employees, consumers, prospective customers and partners. Here’s the thing: Business [...]

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Ask the CEO: Tyler Roye, eGifter Rewards

Like most CEO’s, Tyler Roye is a focused leader. Tyler’s passion pushes him to drive the development and delivery of innovative rewards gift cards that enrich people’s lives. Committed to the Long Island tech start-up ecosystem, to the retail and gift card industries, and to hockey and music, Tyler maintains deep connections with a [...]

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Rewards Strategies for Insurance Companies

Whether an insurer deals in automotive, homeowners or life insurance, chances are their marketing program is a razor sharp, well oiled machine. No doubt, insurance companies are  hyper-vigilant marketers. Across the board, their profit margins are wafer thin and customer retention is slippery. That's why rewards strategies for insurance companies are so key. Most [...]

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