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Innovative Ways to Use Gift Cards for Small Business

Speaking of rewards, this week is a particularly good time for small business owners to take heed. With a nod to National Small Business Week, our team salutes the ~33 million small businesses in the USA. They know that rewards and incentives are central to lead generation, customer retention and employee satisfaction. In that [...]

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How Corporate Gifts Can Grow My Business

Sometimes, stepping back to review fundamentals can be time well spent. For example, scan your business in context of the basics. Business success depends on many factors, notably customer loyalty, employee retention and brand recognition. The common denominator across all is relationships between people. The fact is, bolstering relationships comes more easily with incentives [...]

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Hassle Free Rewards and Incentives in 2023

Here we are in 2023, pressing the proverbial reset button and forging a path to business victory. Right about now, leaders everywhere are pouring over last year’s results to understand and apply lessons learned. Roadmap planning has begun in earnest. Department heads are designing smart programs where strategic investments will be made. HR managers [...]

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Season’s Greetings from the Best Place to Buy Bulk Gift Cards

The holiday season is in full swing. Chances are, your holiday gifting is behind you. By now, most employee rewards are in the rear view mirror. Customer appreciation gifts are typically out-the-door. And the ship has probably sailed on holiday presents for partners and vendors. Along with the gifts, personal messages expressed sentiments about [...]

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Buy Bulk Gift Cards with Instant Delivery

Challenged with balancing a high pressure job and action packed personal life? Join the club. The stream of family responsibilities is constant. The endless stream of meetings, deadlines and tasks never seems to subside. It seems like each completion is replaced by five new tasks. Unfortunately, the results can be mediocre. That’s because it’s [...]

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Top FAQs to Buy Gift Cards in Bulk

There are scores of reasons why purchasing agents buy gift cards in bulk. For example, giftcards are often the key underpinning of sales incentive programs. On the marketing front, customer engagement and consumer loyalty are greatly influenced with gift card rewards. HR departments have long been fans of cards for holiday gifts, employee rewards, [...]

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Best Gift Card Platform for Business Incentives Strategies

Searching for the holy grail of incentive and reward items for your corporate gifting program? It often starts with researching and selecting the best gift card platform for business incentives strategies. Wondering where to begin? Itemize the various use cases and develop a plan to drive behaviors with rewards. The core strategy? Leverage a [...]

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There’s Still Time for Corporate Holiday Rewards

Haven't crossed corporate holiday rewards off of the task list yet? No problem. It's not too late to implement a tremendous rewards solution for your department or company-wide. With eGifter Rewards, you can quickly procure gift cards in bulk and send them to employees or clients by email or text message. With no minimums and [...]

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Bulk Visa® Gift Cards are Here!

The hectic pace of the holiday season has officially kicked in. Managers everywhere are scouring eCommerce sites to purchase rewards online and buy gift cards in bulk quantities for personalized distribution. Especially now, companies need a simple, effective way to motivate sales people with incentives to reach year end goals. Now is also the [...]

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Complete Guide to Buy Bulk Physical Gift Cards

With holiday season fast approaching and in-person events a reality, handing out physical gift cards to employees is a wonderful corporate gifting solution. (Think team building events, staff recognition ceremonies, new employee training incentives, trade show give-away items.) In addition to that, in-person holiday parties are back! Given that the holiday crush will soon [...]

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