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There’s Still Time for Corporate Holiday Rewards

Haven't crossed corporate gifts and incentives off the list? No problem. It's not too late to implement a tremendous rewards solution for your department or company-wide. With eGifter Rewards, you can quickly procure gift cards in bulk and send them to employees or clients by email or text message. With no minimums and no long [...]

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Visa® eReward Cards are Here!

The hectic pace of the holiday season has officially kicked in. Managers everywhere are scouring eCommerce sites to purchase rewards online, in bulk quantities for personalized distribution. Especially now, companies need a simple, effective way to motivate sales people to reach year end goals. Now is also the time to recognize employees for their stellar [...]

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Complete Guide to Buy Physical Gift Cards in Bulk

With holiday season fast approaching and in-person events a reality, handing out physical gift cards is a wonderful corporate gifting solution. (Think team building events, staff recognition ceremonies, new employee training programs, trade shows and conventions.) In addition to that, in-person holiday parties are back! Given that the holiday crush will soon be upon us, [...]

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Corporate and Bulk Gifting with Custom Greeting Cards

As the saying goes, “Great leaders communicate and great communicators lead.” That’s why companies with customer appreciation programs, employee loyalty programs and sales incentive programs rely on the personalization tools available in the eGifter Rewards portal. Get your competitive edge on by customizing the right message to the right individual with just about zero effort. [...]

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Purchase Gift Cards in Bulk Quickly and Easily

The eGifter Rewards platform was designed with you in mind. We know that busy professionals like you need optimized solutions to purchase gift cards in bulk quickly and easily. We are on a continuous mission to perfect the ordering process for gifts in bulk. The eGifter Rewards platform checks all the gift card generator boxes. [...]

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Need Bulk Gift Cards in Canada? You’re Covered.

Neighbors to the north, we've got you covered for gift card rewards and incentives. The eGifter Rewards Canada family continues to grow! Popular retail gift card brands like Reitmans, Uber, Wayfair, Home Depot® and Hudson’s Bay. With the eGifter Rewards Canada Choice Card ®, they can choose from any of their favorite Canadian brands. If [...]

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Gift Guide for Administrative Professionals Day (4/21)

These days, there’s a “National Recognition” day to commemorate just about everything. So, no wonder there’s a National Administrative Professionals Day. This year, it falls on April 21st -- just a few days away. That day, you’ll have the perfect chance to say “thanks” to those on your staff that help get the job done. [...]

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It’s Not Too Late — Send Gift Cards for Christmas!

End of year pressure is high. Time is short. Christmas is just a few days away. No worries, corporate gifting can STILL be a breeze!  Do you need an easy and fast way to purchase and deliver corporate gifts? You're not alone! Many executives like you *still need* a solution for employee holiday gifts, employee [...]

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Case Study Retrospective: Best Gift Card Programs of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we thought it would be interesting and insightful to curate and share our list of the more noteworthy implementations of gift card programs that rely on the eGifter Rewards digital and plastic gift card platform. Although objectives vary, strategies differ and budgets span widely, our clients all have [...]

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