Boost Your Rewards Program: Where to Buy Gift Cards in Bulk

We all feel it -- the competitive landscape is fierce. The ability to recruit and retain top talent is non-negotiable. What's more, acquiring and maintaining loyal customers (and actively engaging with them) tops the priority list. In fact, there is hardly a scenario where influencing and thanking stakeholders isn't key. For these and many [...]

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Buy Gift Cards in Bulk for Class Action Settlements

The case is clear. In the world of class action settlements, the goal is to provide fair and just compensation to the affected parties accurately, efficiently, swiftly and equitably. The team at eGifter Rewards understands the challenges attorneys face when distributing monetary awards to satisfy class action lawsuits. We’re here to introduce you to a [...]

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Corporate Bulk Gifting with Custom Greeting Cards

As the saying goes, “Great leaders communicate and great communicators lead.” That’s why companies with customer appreciation programs, employee loyalty programs and sales incentive programs rely on the personalization tools available in the eGifter Rewards portal. Get your competitive edge on by customizing the right message to the right individual with just about zero effort. [...]

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