Today, more people than ever are in need of humanitarian assistance due to conflict and disaster. Humanitarian Aid Organizations everywhere are doing their level best to help. And, eGifter Rewards is honored to play a vital role in the supply chain. Delivering humanitarian relief quickly — through gift cards — fulfills basic and urgent human needs like food, medicine and clothing. Gift cards allow those in need to self-sufficiently purchase emergency items. This frees up non-profit human services agencies to focus on more complex refugee integration needs like legal aid and housing. There are a multitude of reasons to distribute humanitarian aid with gift cards. Here are a few.

5 Reasons to Use Gift Cards to Distribute Humanitarian Aid to Refugees

Helping families that arrive in this country with only the clothes on their back is no easy task. Agencies and organizations need all the tools and resources they can get. The situation is in crisis proportions and the time to act is now.  Our non-profit clients sing our praises because they credit gift cards as a key strategy to deliver aid and relief.

  1. Rather than being told what they need, people can maintain their dignity by making their own choices
  2. With gift cards, those in need can purchase exactly what they need at any moment
  3. Gift cards are a practical alternative to storing and distributing food, clothing, medicine and furniture
  4. It is easy to order gift cards in bulk from
  5. There is no easier or more efficient way to get essential items to those that need a hand

Why eGifter Rewards?

Our site is easy to use and has no minimums or long term commitments. Registration is free. Comprehensive reporting ensures you can track and manage your budget easily and instantly. Flexible payment options like credit card and ACH speed transactions to meet today’s urgent demands. The herculean task of helping thousands of refugees is made much, much easier with a simple interface and out-of-the box reporting. All of this allows people to get the help they need and deserve — better and faster.

We have over 300 top gift card brands to choose from, including Visa eReward cards. The brief list of gift cards below was curated with essential items in mind. Quick and easy access to food, clothing, and medicine are most needed during resettlement.  

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