How Gift Card Rewards Help Business Development

Gift cards have earned their place as the best gift card program for small business. Giftcards (and digital gift cards) are proven ways to drive engagement, sales and loyalty. Just about everyone loves gift cards! We can all relate -- receiving a gift card feels like a “free gift” and “free money.”  Plus, if [...]

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How to Motivate Sales Teams with Gift Cards

A cohesive and motivated sales team is the lifeblood of any company. Acquiring qualified prospects and moving them through the purchase path is both an art and a science. Leveraging all the tricks of the trade is key because it takes a village to meet quotas, deliver sales objectives and achieve revenue goals. One [...]

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Automating Business Gift Card Rewards

Procrastinators, not to worry! We are not going to psychoanalyze the myriad reasons you feel so overwhelmed, day after day. No, we’re not going to explore the root causes of your feelings around procrastination. Forget it! If you’re looking for ways to overcome the self-imposed anxiety around corporate gifting, trade show gift card giveaways, [...]

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6 Sales Perks to Honor Personalization

If you add up all the hours spent on searching for that unique, personalized item to be awarded in a sales incentive program, it would probably represent a hefty chunk of time. It hardly seems possible to find the one item that maps to the distinct personality and interest of every sales person on [...]

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