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Cash Out is King with the eGifter Gift Card Rewards App

The number of gaming apps that pay users to play games or perform specific tasks is staggering. Mobile apps and games can be addicting. However, they are terrific outlets for boredom, anxiety and energy. Mundane moments like waiting in line or traveling as a passenger can pass more quickly when playing a game. That [...]

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Rewards Programs for Insurance Companies

In the ever-challenging realm of insurance, encompassing automotive, homeowners, or life insurance, the marketing strategies of carriers are finely tuned and vigilant. With slim profit margins and the perpetual challenge of retaining customers, insurance companies recognize the pivotal role that rewards strategies play in their operations. Leveraging purchase incentives, sign-up rewards, customer appreciation initiatives, [...]

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Ask the CEO: Tyler Roye, eGifter Rewards

Like most CEO’s, Tyler Roye is a focused leader. Tyler’s passion pushes him to drive the development and delivery of innovative rewards gift cards that enrich people’s lives. Committed to the Long Island tech start-up ecosystem, to the retail and gift card industries, and to hockey and music, Tyler maintains deep connections with a [...]

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Simplify Customer Appeasement with Gift Cards

Even with an endless supply of time, effort and budget, you simply can’t please everyone all the time. There will surely be times when customers have problems or complaints that need review and resolution. For this reason, eGifter Rewards customer appeasement with gift cards can be future revenue savers. Your business reputation and revenue [...]

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Reward Participants with Gift Card Choice

Question: How can you give thousands of people a SINGLE gift card -- yet HUNDREDS of gift cards -- at the same time? Answer: The eGifter Rewards Choice Card. Program Managers often rely on incentives and rewards to drive loyalty and response. It should be easy, and it is. There are no minimums and no [...]

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Win Them Over with Gift Card Appreciation

Treating your customers really well after they buy is just as important as pulling out all the stops before they buy. One of the most efficient ways to grow your business is to increase the future value of a customer, which means getting them to buy again and again. Translated, a loyal customer can [...]

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Delta Airlines Gift Cards for Loyalty Rewards

Whether issuing loyalty rewards, employee service awards or engagement incentives, you have the potential to really make a difference in someone’s life. That, as opposed to simply crossing a task off your list. The Delta Gift Card is one that can literally mean the world to someone. Delta Gift Cards for loyalty rewards [...]

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Survival Kit for Corporate Gifting

The unrelenting pressure of having to “do more with less” can be a drain on our productivity (and psyche!) -- on a daily basis. Why is it that our ever growing task lists never seem to whittle away? Looming deadlines always seem to be upon us and it feels impossible to get ahead of our [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty

Our friends at Hubspot know a lot about customer engagement and they’ve assembled an Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty. With a tip-of-our-hat along with some value-added thoughts, this post is a quick tip guide to get your planning and creative juices flowing. Here is the eGifter Rewards replay of the Ultimate Guide to [...]

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