Win ‘Em. Keep ‘Em. Thank ‘Em.

Customer Retention: The #1 Reason for Loyalty Rewards Treating your customers really well *after* they buy is just as important as pulling out all the stops before they buy. One of the most efficient ways to grow your business is to increase the lifetime value of a customer, which means getting them to buy again [...]

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Delta Gift Card: Give the Gift of Go™

Gifting a travel experience can mean the world. Literally. When issuing a reward, incentive, promotion, loyalty or engagement gift, you have the potential to really make a difference in someone’s life -- as opposed to simply crossing a task off your list. The Delta Gift Card is one that can literally mean the [...]

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Survival Kit for Corporate Gifting

The unrelenting pressure of having to “do more with less” can be a drain on our productivity (and psyche!) -- on a daily basis. Why is it that our ever growing task lists never seem to whittle away? Looming deadlines always seem to be upon us and it feels impossible to get ahead [...]

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Gamification 101

Where Everyone Wins...and Gift Cards Keep Giving It’s an age-old concept that starts in childhood: Reward the behavior you want to encourage. In today's world, the name-of-the-game is loyalty. And in business, the game is serious. Reinforcing consumer behavior, building preference and motivating purchases have real dollars at stake. Lost customers translates into [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty

Our friends at Hubspot know a lot about customer engagement and they’ve assembled an Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty. With a tip-of-our-hat along with some value-added thoughts, this post is a quick tip guide to get your planning and creative juices flowing. First, the numbers (or, why your customer base is your #1 [...]

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