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The #1 Holiday Gift for Employees

What do employees want for holiday gifts and end of year rewards? While the question may seem elusive, the answer is universal and logical. They want something they can actually use. Good news! There is one particular gift card that covers the full range of everything their hearts can possibly desire. Introducing the Holiday [...]

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Gift Card Rewards for Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Our economy relies heavily on the trucking industry. Experts say that truckers are the backbone of America. And, they’re right. Day and night, America’s truckers navigate highways and byways to transport the essentials we depend on like food, medicine and equipment. As a nation, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude and allegiance to [...]

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Tips On Sourcing Gift Cards for Employee Incentives

When it comes to sending presents to employees for rewards, recognition and appreciation, gift cards check all the boxes. Because everyone loves getting gift cards, they are extremely motivating! First, they are handy gifts for staff members who prefer to shop online. Second, they are perfect for in-store purchases because they display barcodes and/or [...]

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Use Case Series: Employee Safety Incentives

Looking for creative ways to promote safety awareness and maintain a safer workplace? The answer is logical and easily within your reach. The eGifter Rewards self-service gift card platform helps safety leaders like you. With it, you can reduce risk, prevent accidents and ensure compliance. Encourage complaint behavior and reward safe choices to move [...]

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Use Incentives and Rewards to Celebrate and Inspire

Some days just feel like Groundhog Day. As a business leader, the choice is yours to inspire the team with an extra dose of enthusiasm and purpose. Here’s an idea: Consult one of the many National Celebration Day calendars to spot some relevant motivation. Then, send a perfectly timed gift card to your staff. [...]

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Build Corporate Equity on Employee Appreciation Day

This year, national Employee Appreciation Day falls on Friday March 4th. What a golden opportunity for leaders to send a corporate gift card that expresses gratitude to their workforce. After all, it is workers who make it all  happen. In fact, every leader at every level can add equity to the organization with a [...]

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Work Anniversary Gifts on Cyber Monday

Hoping to find great ideas for employee rewards as the holiday season approaches? Forget sifting through all those sites. The best gifts are at your fingertips -- digital gift cards for staff from eGifter Rewards. The timing is perfect -- send work anniversary gifts on Cyber Monday. Gift cards are always available, never “out [...]

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Drive Vaccine Adoption with Gift Cards

eGifter Rewards is way more than a rewards platform. Fact is, eGifter Rewards can be a strategic resource as well. That’s because gift card business rewards and incentives can form a strategic underpinning to drive a multitude of business goals. Today, we’re discussing the intersection of humanitarian care, employee assistance and workforce productivity. How? [...]

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Send Thanks, Not Just On Employee Appreciation Day

Welcome to the first Friday in March, 2021 -- Employee Appreciation Day. Food for thought:  When is the last time you simply said thank you to your team? We all know that workers are our most precious asset. However, some business owners and managers fall into the complacent mode of taking their employees for [...]

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Easy to Manage Tax Reporting for Gift Cards

The eGifter Rewards team frequently fields questions about tax implications related to gift cards used for employee compensation, employee gifts and banking rewards programs. While we cannot dispense accounting or legal advice, we can refer to IRS regulations about gift card taxation.  The IRS excludes gift card incentives from De Minimis Fringe Benefits. In [...]

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