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Easy to Manage Tax Reporting for Gift Cards

The eGifter Rewards team frequently fields questions about tax implications related to gift cards used for employee compensation, employee gifts and employee rewards. While we cannot dispense accounting or legal advice, we can refer to IRS regulations about gift card taxation.  The IRS excludes gift cards from De Minimis Fringe Benefits. In other words, “Cash [...]

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Get Creative with Gift Cards for Employee Engagement

We are squarely into 4th Quarter, 2020. Year end intensity is building across sales, marketing and HR departments. This is the time of year we rely on our workforce the most. Workers have been under pressure all year from myriad challenges levied by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, the 2020 holiday season offers an extra [...]

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CDC: Corporate Leadership Response to COVID-19

In the face of the Corona Virus pandemic, which feels like it may be taking the world by storm, level headed thinking by business leaders is today’s definitive mandatory. At this very moment, Federal, State and Local governments are struggling to gain a foothold to contain this outbreak. The potential medical tsunami  looms large. Across [...]

#WorkLife: Focus on Employee Health and Wellness

Most of us can attest to the shared experience of stress in our everyday lives, which can be fierce and unrelenting. At home, we manage kids’ schedules, care for elderly family members, maintain homes and vehicles and handle a constant stream of chores. At work, technology keeps us tethered and accessible to managers, customers and [...]

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Complete Guide to Business Gifts in the Streaming Age

As we head toward Black Friday and the holiday season just beyond, I’m keenly aware of the untold thousands of wide ranging, cross organization business professionals searching for relevant, affordable and delightful corporate rewards and holiday gift items. I’m thinking about those hardworking Benefits Managers, preparing to select entertaining holiday gifts for scores, hundreds [...]

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Employers: On Labor Day, Remember Employee Appreciation

The first Labor Day in the U.S. was observed in 1882 in NYC. It honored the American worker and union labor movement during the height of the Industrial Revolution when employee appreciation was just beginning to take hold. At the time, the average American worker could barely eke out a living at 12 hour days, [...]

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Mid-Year Checkpoint: Employee Performance Reviews

Hard to believe that we’re knee deep into summer. First Half 2019 is a faded memory. Summer vacations are upon us. The hustle of meeting year-end quotas and performance milestones hasn't reached its year-end frantic pace. Given all of that, now is the perfect time for a mid-year checkpoint to review objectives, results and weigh [...]

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