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Use Case Series: A Heartfelt Thanks to Healthcare Workers

Thanks to pop culture reminders like National Nurses week, the incredible efforts of healthcare workers rise to the spotlight. On occasions like this, our clients know firsthand that a self-service platform like eGifter Rewards is an ideal solution for hospital administrators and medical practitioners. That’s because eGifter Rewards is the perfect combination of automation [...]

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Top 9 Gift Cards For Employee Rewards

Aside from having stellar business acumen, great leaders possess skills in softer areas like communication, empathy and gratitude. No wonder they prioritize HR strategies designed to recognize and thank their employees. They know that a strong and loyal workforce is paramount to a winning business model. Our clients attribute employee recognition gift cards as [...]

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10 Creative and Affordable Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

If you’re wondering when to begin sourcing creative and affordable employee appreciation gifts, the answer is “now”. Many leaders make the mistake of waiting for the end-of-year holiday season or employee work anniversaries. Clearly, it is never too soon to begin. That said, selecting a meaningful occasion like National Administrative Professionals Day is a [...]

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The Benefits of Gift Card Rewards for Employee Retention

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make employees feel supported and appreciated, now is a good time to get in gear. If you don’t have a plan in place to encourage and reward work life balance, gather some inspiration today, on National Employee Benefits Day. The importance of work life balance for [...]

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7 Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas Your Employees Will Like

Coming up on Health Care Human Resources Week, we thought we’d take a page out of the ASHHRA playbook. For those that don’t know, ASHHRA is The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration. They are the nation’s only membership organization dedicated to meeting the needs of human resources professionals in healthcare. However, our [...]

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How to Run a Strategic Employee Rewards Program

Many recruiters and hiring managers have cited a definitive trend known as job hopping. Some refer to this as rapid employee turnover. The phenomenon is a serious risk that business leaders work feverishly to mitigate. With National Leadership Day on February 20th, learning how to run a strategic employee rewards program could not be [...]

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Say Thanks with Gift Card Rewards on Employee Appreciation Day

Get ready to save the day, Employee Appreciation Day, that is. eGifter Rewards is ready to make the process simple and stress-free so you can focus on what really matters: showing your appreciation. We have 250+ digital gift cards which you can quickly customize with your logo, a message and a digital greeting card. [...]

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The #1 Holiday Gift for Employees

What do employees want for holiday gifts and end of year rewards? While the question may seem elusive, the answer is universal and logical. They want something they can actually use. Good news! There is one particular gift card that covers the full range of everything their hearts can possibly desire. As an example, [...]

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Saying Thanks at Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Our economy relies heavily on the trucking industry. Experts say that truckers are the backbone of America. And, they’re right. Day and night, America’s truckers navigate highways and byways to transport the essentials we depend on like food, medicine and equipment. As a nation, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude and allegiance to [...]

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Tips On Sourcing Gift Cards for Employee Rewards

When it comes to sending employees rewards, recognition and appreciation, gift cards check all the boxes. Because everyone loves getting gift cards, they are extremely motivating! First, they are handy gifts for staff members who prefer to shop online. Second, they are perfect for in-store purchases because they display barcodes and/or gift card codes [...]

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