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Sales Incentives: Sell more. Stress Less.*

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Launch your sales incentive and rewards program instantly from our secure portal or connect to our eGifter Rewards Gift Card API quickly and easily. Download a file of codes and fulfill yourself. Or, send gift cards to your list from a simple upload.

Order and send from the eGifter Rewards portal, accessible securely with 2 Factor Authentication. Or, seamlessly deliver gift cards from your sales platform or gamification app via our eGifter Rewards Gift Card API.

Administer your Loyalty, Recognition & Rewards Program easily for both physical and digital (email and SMS). Place orders online for hundreds of brands. With an array of payment methods, custom messaging and tracking & reporting, what more could a Program Manager want?

Give them the rewards they really want! When sales teams feel well rewarded, they work harder and have greater success. When rewards are tied to payroll and performance, administration is a snap.

Send a promotional gift card to a prospect or an existing customer to surprise, delight, and engage. Access to gift cards from their mobile devices lets users shop on-the-go and appreciate you even more.

Choose from dozens of retail categories like dining, apparel, electronics, travel, health & wellness, home & garden, music & entertainment. Always give the perfect gift and never deal with a return again!

eGifter RewardsTM Delivers High ROM

(Return on Motivation)

Industries where Sales Incentives, Loyalty and Rewards Programs are Extremely Effective

Industries where Loyalty, Incentives and Rewards Programs are Extremely Effective

An eReward Delivers an Unforgettable Experience

The eGifter Rewards Choice Card™ for Rewards & Incentives

Wrapping a digital gift card inside an animated greeting card is a distinctive way to create a memorable experience. Your personalized message (and photo!) means a lot to a sales rep who works hard to earn both your regard and sales commissions. Taken one step further for prospects and customers, (appreciation, promotions and purchase incentives), new heights of engagement are reached.

But, unwrap the electronically delivered message and watch the magic unfold.

Inside the wrapper may well be the gift of a lifetime — an unforgettable experience. It’s the kind of gift that makes hardworking sales reps and good customers alike feel recognized, appreciated, valued. Not to mention motivated. And certainly loyal.

Gift cards get everyone selling — and everyone buying. With experiences from fine dining to luxury spas, from indoor skydiving to exotic vacations, the possibilities available from incentive giftcards are endless.

And more importantly, the experiences are indelible.

Spotlight On Delta Air Lines Gift Cards. Read more about them here.

How can incentive rewards improve your sales performance?

Give. Receive. Win.



Send gift cards to Sales Teams or to customers. Easy, fast, effective.



Easy to Give

The best ecommerce incentive, loyalty and rewards program is the one that is easiest to fund, administer and measure, with no hidden fees.

You’ve come to the right place.



Motivate and incentivize sales reps. Engage and reward customers.



Delightful to Receive

Lots of factors influence customer loyalty. After accomplishing Job #1 (selling your product or service), the next priority is to keep them engaged — and delighted. White glove experiences are our specialty.

In all the ways that matter, gift cards deliver.



Track sales results and attribution metrics.



Everyone Wins

Common sense leadership focuses on the well being of people. Whether distributing incentives and rewards to sales people, prospects or customers, the game is singular.

When everyone wins, everyone wins.

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