Imagine a seemingly magical ability to motivate people to take precise actions that literally expand your business. Indeed, you can influence behaviors of others. You’ll transform your growth trajectory as a result. For example, get sales reps to close more deals. Motivate repeat purchases from high value customers. And, drive greater productivity from your workforce. Business leaders everywhere are searching for de facto growth solutions such as incentive rewards and loyalty programs hotels and travel. For any company that is currently purchasing digital gift cards in bulk, your search has ended. Luckily, you found the best corporate gift card platform — eGifter Rewards. Are you evaluating growth hacking with gift cards? Start here.

Organize a Digital Gift Cards Strategy Across Stakeholders

  • Customers! With the multitude of available choices, customers are fickle and not necessarily loyal. They are looking for reasons to buy from you instead of your competitor. Help them make the right decision by offering incentives that offer value and make them feel good about their choice.
  • Employees! Any workforce always performs better with encouragement and appreciation. Especially over the course of the pandemic, workers have been asked to do more with less. Let them know you’re in their corner and thank them for being in yours.
  • Channel Partners! It took a heavy lift to prospect, pitch, convert and onboard your channel partners. You can’t afford to lose the momentum now, even though you are focused elsewhere. Maintain their engagement and penetrate their organization.
  • Social Influencers! For sure, these folks represent your future. Their loyalty and engagement can contribute to the lifeblood of your growth hacking strategy. Win their hearts, minds and social shares.

Encourage Positive Behaviors

For every desired action there is a campaign, promotion or program waiting to be designed. Each one of these activities is a business building opportunity. This list will help you get started to delegate responsibilities and plans, company-wide.

Motivate and reward anyone and everyone for…

  • Mobile app downloads
  • Sales goal achievements
  • Marketing survey completion
  • Employee wellness behaviors
  • Engaging social posts
  • Five star ratings and reviews
  • Training completion
  • Repeat purchases
  • Referrals 
  • Contract Renewals

And Start Growth Hacking with Gift Cards, Today

Build your corporate culture and brand by influencing behaviors and decisions by others, authentically and generously. Attract and retain great customers, great partners and great talent. While adept strategic planning and execution can produce amazing results, the power of growth hacking with gift cards is easily within reach.

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