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Easy, Streamlined Gift Card Rewards
Your Employees Actually Want

Choose from 300 brands or let your employees choose their own.
Immediate delivery by email or text.

Easy, Streamlined Gift Card Rewards
Your Employees Actually Want

Choose from 300 brands or let your employees choose their own. Immediate delivery by email or text.

Employees Prefer Gift Cards for Incentives & Rewards

No need to run out to the local store before the holiday party or company meeting to purchase Gift Cards for employee rewards. Instead, simply login to eGifter Rewards and in just minutes, select and deliver personalized Gift Card incentives for employees — without breaking a sweat.

The Gift Of Choice & Flexibility: The eGifter RewardsTM Platform

Gift Cards for Employees - The eGifter Rewards Choice Card™ for Rewards & Incentives

The eGifter Rewards Choice CardTM

Why is employee recognition important? Your employees work hard and care deeply about contributing to the company’s success. They take pride in their everyday tasks and they understand that a lot is riding on their achievements. Giving the eGifter Rewards Choice Card is how to improve employee satisfaction.

Employees that receive an eGifter Rewards Choice Card can exchange it for over 300 retail brands — and get exactly what they want.

The best Employee Recognition Programs rely on eGifter Rewards Choice Cards for Service Anniversary Rewards, Staff Appreciation Ideas, Recruiting Referral Incentives and Employee Holiday Gifts. Learn more.

Gift Cards for Employees - The Vanilla® eReward Visa® Cards for Rewards & Incentives

Visa® Reward Virtual Account

Employee recognition and rewards start with keeping the employee in mind. What would your staff appreciate the most? Where do they like to shop? How much is the right amount to give?

Because there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to employee gifting questions, the The Visa® Reward Virtual Account is the perfect solution.

Employees will enjoy the spending freedom to purchase what they really want with an easy and secure way to shop online, pay bills, dine out, buy gas and much more. Learn more.

Why You Should Reward With Digital Gift Cards

Gift Cards for Employees - eGifter Rewards™ Robust Reporting


Using Gift Cards for rewards has never been easier. You can order Gift Cards for employee recognition and rewards, wellness incentives, service anniversaries and more at any time with our 24/7 portal. No more running around to multiple stores to buy gift cards! Digital Gift Cards are sent via email, so you won’t have a pile of inventory to keep track of and keep secure, either. Distributing rewards is completely automated as well. We’ve taken the hassle out of employee rewards.

Gift Cards for Employees - eGifter Rewards™ Robust Reporting


Gift Cards are the best gifts for employee appriciation. You can choose from 300+ top Gift Card brands…or let employees choose their own! The eGifter Rewards Choice Card™ allows recipients to browse a catalog of Gift Cards and make their own selection for the best loyality rewards program experience. They can mix and match from their favorite brands, engaging them in the reward process and making it more meaningful for them. eGifter can provide you with a white-label site with your corporate branding and a custom reward catalog, focusing on the specific brands you want to offer your employees.

Gift Cards for Employees - eGifter Rewards™ Robust Reporting


With eGifter’s gift card platform, you are in complete control of your rewards and incentive program like all of your employee benefits. Our secure portal offers comprehensive reporting, budget management and an order approval process. You can assign PO numbers to your orders. Our low balance alert will let you know when it’s time to add funds to your account. Integrate with your HRIS for additional tools for tracking users and recipients. It’s your program on your terms!

eGifter RewardsTM is the best choice for your HR Department

In response to popular demand from our corporate clients, we designed the gold standard Employee Rewards Platform. eGifter Rewards™ is your recognition company with creative employee recognition ideas and inspirational gifts for emplayees. Dashboard access features personalization, instant e-Gift Card delivery and financial tracking for HR teams that need a vast Gift Card catalog and Visa® Reward Virtual Account with the best retail brands. Helping HR teams deliver incentives and rewards to their employees is at the heart of our service guarantee.

employee gift cards - eGifter Rewards - Fast & Simple


Choose from 300+ brands, or let the recipient choose their own

employee gift cards - eGifter Rewards has Robust Reporting


Send individual cards or order in bulk with a spreadsheet

employee gift cards - eGifter Rewards Analytics


Comprehensive reporting on-demand for tracking and auditing

employee gift cards - eGifter Rewards - Order 24-7


Order rewards and incentives anytime, day or night

employee gift cards - eGifter Rewards is Safe & Secure


Your data and funds are protected with two-factor authentication

employee gift cards - eGifter Rewards is Affordable


Packages for every budget and no long-term contracts

Easy To Manage

Our dashboard puts all the tools you need at your fingertips. Send a reward, check the status of an order, add funds to your account and more.

All the features you have been looking for

(and some you hadn’t even thought of!)

employee rewards
  • Send individual cards or order in bulk

  • Custom Branding (Logo and messaging)
  • Personal messages for each recipient
  • Fund Account by ACH, Wire or Credit Card
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Submit Orders for Approval (Workflow)
  • Budget Management for Users, Departments
  • Security: Two-factor Authentication, Domain Restriction
  • HRIS Integration
  • API Integration

We Have the Gift Cards your Employees are Sure to Love

employee rewards - eGifter Rewards™ Robust Reporting

“Last year for the holidays, my company gave me a set of gift cards for a special “family night” so I could take my family out to dinner and a movie. The special message from the CEO made me feel great! Knowing that my company really cares about me makes me want to do an even better job this year.”

Carmen Gomez, Project Manager

bulk gifts for employees - eGifter Rewards™ Robust Reporting

“As the IT guy, everyone thinks they know what I’d want as a holiday gift. But, of course they don’t! That’s why when I received an eGifter Rewards Choice Card from my company, I had a field day! I picked EXACTLY the gift I wanted — in my correct size and the color I love. That’s a yes to Freedom of Choice. I love my job.”

Robert Zaphron, Network Engineer

bulk gifts for employees - eGifter Rewards™ Robust Reporting

“My boss always lets me know that she appreciates my hard work. So, for last year’s holiday gift, she gave me a gift card to my favorite sporting goods store. This is a picture of me recharging my batteries — so that when I come back from my holiday vacation, I can continue to crush it at work.”

Eva Castenar, Graphic Designer

The Power of Praise

Gift Cards for Rewards & Incentives By The Numbers


of millennials say that non-traditional benefits make employers more attractive.  (Forbes)


of employees say they would trade a salary increase for certain on-the-job perks.  (iCIMS)


of highly engaged employees were less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts.  (CEB Analysis)


of companies see a positive impact on engagement when investing in recognition.  (SHRM)

Did You Know?

HR Rewards & Incentives Make a Difference

bulk gifts for employees

of Millennials are interested in receiving digital Gift Cards

bulk gifts for employees

of Employees that received a gift card, liked receiving it.

bulk gifts for employees

of Corporations use gift cards as employee incentives.

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