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Cash Out is King with the eGifter Gift Card Rewards App

The number of gaming apps that pay users to play games or perform specific tasks is staggering. Mobile apps and games can be addicting. However, they are terrific outlets for boredom, anxiety and energy. Mundane moments like waiting in line or traveling as a passenger can pass more quickly when playing a game. That [...]

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4 Ways to Leverage Retailer Mobile Apps for Loyalty Rewards

Strategy alert! Extend your mobile loyalty marketing program with some simple ingenuity. Add exponential engagement with no extra cost or effort. The trick? For marketing promotions and employee engagement , cherrypick the gift card brands with strong loyalty programs already in place. Simply leverage the fun, excitement and engagement that was *already* engineered into [...]

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Gift Card Distribution and Logistics

When evaluating features for Gift Card Rewards platforms, be sure to review this checklist to make sure you get the features and capabilities you need for gift card incentives. Implement an automated incentive platform and avoid the time and expense of inventory sourcing and gift card distribution and logistics. Instead, focus on building your [...]

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