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Visa Rewards Cards Prove Survey Incentives Work

Gift card incentives for surveys are a proven strategy. Organizations like the National LGBT Cancer Network rely on eGifter to execute successfully. The COVID-19 pandemic was eye-opening for many. It surfaced irrefutable evidence about social injustice and health inequity. As an organization founded to address LGBTQ+ health inequity, The National LGBT Cancer Network knew [...]

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Client Spotlight: ConsejoSano to Reward Healthy Lifestyles

The team at ConsejoSano, headquartered in North Hollywood, California, understands people, culture and determinants of health. They offer a myriad of employee rewards solutions, fully multicultural and inclusive. Because of that, healthcare needs of underserved populations are being met like never before. In short, the systems they develop serve millions of people. This week's [...]

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Client Spotlight: Harlem Children’s Zone Sends Gift Card Relief

Few organizations have impacted their community as positively and powerfully as Harlem Children’s Zone. Famous for its ground-up, location-based solutions, HCZ has built a culturally-responsive model that delivers gift card relief to the community of Central Harlem, NY. The team at eGifter Rewards is humbled and proud to be a part of the extended Harlem [...]

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Client Spotlight: Event Strategy Group for Virtual Events

Every market segment imaginable has been disrupted by the internet and again by the COVID-19 crisis. The trade show and event industries are no exception. They've been hit hard. We're proud that our clients at Event Strategy Group are demonstrating how to pivot with digital gift cards. They've proven that gift cards power virtual events.

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How Companies Send Relief with Gift Cards During COVID-19

Companies large and small are learning in real-time how to navigate a new world. Employees are working from home, making sacrifices to show up for essential services, or have had their positions reduced or even eliminated due to COVID-19. It’s a challenging time, to say the least. But, we are seeing examples of businesses [...]

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