Foster a Culture of Corporate Social Responsibility with Gift Card Rewards

The best and most innovative companies among us are serious about their ethical and moral obligations to society. Their business goals extend into the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) -- taking care of people and the planet. Of course, capitalism makes the world go round. But doing the right thing by doing good [...]

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Innovative Ways to Use Gift Cards for Small Business

Speaking of rewards, this week is a particularly good time for small business owners to take heed. With a nod to National Small Business Week, our team salutes the ~33 million small businesses in the USA. They know that rewards and incentives are central to lead generation, customer retention and employee satisfaction. In that [...]

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The Benefits of Gift Card Rewards for Employee Retention

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make employees feel supported and appreciated, now is a good time to get in gear. If you don’t have a plan in place to encourage and reward work life balance, gather some inspiration today, on National Employee Benefits Day. The importance of work life balance for [...]

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Tips to Build Customer Loyalty with Gift Card Rewards

Customer loyalty is something that is earned over time. There is no guarantee that after their first purchase, a customer will continue to buy from you. In fact, the odds are stacked against you. That’s because competition is fierce and consumers often shop on price and discounts alone. You’re going to have to convince [...]

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Streamline Sales Team Expenses with Gift Cards

Your sales team is back on the road, in the air and on the field engaging face-to-face with clients. The costs associated with business travel add up quickly. You need a fast and easy way to manage it, while keeping your road warriors motivated. Enter the Gas & Grocery Choice Card from eGifter Rewards. It [...]

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Best Gift Card Programs of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we thought it would be interesting and insightful to curate and share our list of the more noteworthy implementations of gift card programs that rely on the eGifter Rewards to produce the best gift card programs. Although objectives vary, strategies differ and budgets span widely, our clients all have [...]

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Oh, Canada! eGifter Business Rewards Expands to the North

eGifter is on the move! We’ve expanded to service our neighbors to the north. With the launch of eGifter Rewards Canada, we’re bringing some shopping warmth to new clients and recipients. Companies and organizations in Canada can now benefit from eGifter’s rewards and incentives solutions, with a catalog of over 40 major Canadian gift [...]

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10 Ideas for Consumer Engagement Rewards

As the cornerstone of your marketing mix, social media allows you to exponentially increase your company’s exposure, build your customer base and add valuable data for measurement and mining. Do all this while building loyalty and preference for your brand. Beyond that, social marketing gets people connected with your brand. You'll get more bang [...]

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Digital Gift Cards for Business

When you stop to consider the global perspective, the range and number of business challenges made easier through access to a secure and robust gift card catalog with a simple order and delivery system is truly dizzying. Our gift card platform makes it easy for leaders to meet their objectives, drive sales and generate stellar [...]

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