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Supercharge Teams: Gift Cards Fuel Employee Rewards Programs

In today's world of social responsibility, employee well-being takes center stage. At the same time, leaders must deliver earnings, profitability, and growth. Employee happiness lies at the crossroads. As a leader, you understand the significance of employee rewards programs. The challenge is to keep teams motivated and engaged -- and competitive. In this article, we'll [...]

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Say Thanks with Gift Card Rewards on Employee Appreciation Day

Get ready to save the day, Employee Appreciation Day, that is. eGifter Rewards is ready to make the process simple and stress-free so you can focus on what really matters: showing your appreciation. We have 250+ digital gift cards which you can quickly customize with your logo, a message and a digital greeting card. [...]

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Use Incentives and Rewards to Celebrate and Inspire

Some days just feel like Groundhog Day. As a business leader, the choice is yours to inspire the team with an extra dose of enthusiasm and purpose. Here’s an idea: Consult one of the many National Celebration Day calendars to spot some relevant motivation. Then, send a perfectly timed gift card to your staff. [...]

By |2023-02-25T22:02:49-05:00March 21st, 2022|Employee Rewards & Incentives|

Employee Motivation is a Precious Resource During COVID-19

Today’s demanding times require a new kind of perseverance among consumers, business owners and workers that may well define our future. Business owners that develop alternative strategies and invent innovative ways to maximize resources will gain the edge. And more than ever, it is imperative that staff engagement and employee motivation remain strong. We [...]

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Oh, Canada! eGifter Business Rewards Expands to the North

eGifter is on the move! We’ve expanded to service our neighbors to the north. With the launch of eGifter Rewards Canada, we’re bringing some shopping warmth to new clients and recipients. Companies and organizations in Canada can now benefit from eGifter’s rewards and incentives solutions, with a catalog of over 40 major Canadian gift [...]

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Virtual Incentives: Gift Cards for Every Business Strategy

Best practices will have you apply a single, overarching strategy to every area of your business. Doing so is achievable, logical, cost-effective and powerful.  Naturally, we are referencing virtual incentives: gift cards for every business strategy. The eGifter Rewards platform is the vehicle. There, you can accessing a catalog of over 300 of the [...]

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FACT: Employee Wellness Programs Work

The results are in! With wellness gift cards rewards, workers in the U.S. would exercise more, improving their longevity, health and happiness. Along with other study results, the newly released stats from a nationwide study by United Health Group shows there is a clear link between employee wellness and business results like greater productivity, [...]

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Honoring Working Mothers With through Gift Card Appreciation

Today, we are honoring working mothers through gift card appreciation. This post presents a golden opportunity for us to honor about what’s most important in our lives. This Mother’s Day, we give homage to Moms everywhere. If you're looking for a special message to add to your gift card appreciation, here are a few [...]

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Recharge and Reward Employees with Spa Week Gift Cards

Every employer wants to retain employees by winning their hearts, minds -- and their very best work efforts. When workers feel appreciated and regarded by their corporate employer, they are apt to remain loyal and engaged for the long haul. There's nothing an HR Director wants more than to make great hire that remains a [...]

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Employee Health and Wellness Rewards

Now that the eRewards Catalog and Gift Card Distribution components of your Corporate Health and Wellness Program are firmly in place with eGifter Rewards (via Portal or API), your employee engagement trajectory is set. Now you’re ready to build out your wellness program design including goal setting, behavior tracking, gift card rewards and spending levels. [...]

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