This week, hospital administrators and medical professionals have a unique chance to pay homage to nurses and healthcare workers. Once again, National Nurses Week is here. Health care executives know that a well-oiled operation (no pun intended) is due in large part to the dedication of their nursing staff. As we live through the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses have held down the fort during the most trying times. That’s why doctors and executive admins around the country relish this opportunity to say thanks. They know that a yeoman’s job is being performed by so man. Purchasing gift card appreciation items is the perfect way to extend a heartfelt message. You can do so with the eGifter Rewards platform, the best way to show gift card appreciation for National Nurses Week. And, beyond.

Say Thanks to Nurses with Gift Card Appreciation

If you have a nurse in the family, you know how lucky you are. Even when they’re not on the job, they ARE on the job! Have a nurse as a friend? You can attest to their generosity. Especially tips on nutrition, mental health and well being. Being in life together may well be the greatest gift of all.

A Token of Gratitude

It’s not always easy to find ways to say thanks. Here are a few tangible ways that many business executives like you have shown their appreciation to nurses during National Nurses Week.

  • Circulate an email to the organization to say thanks for their dedication and expertise
  • Tag a nurse on social media and express your appreciation
  • Perform a random act of kindness to someone who isn’t expecting it
  • Make a donation to a health related cause in their honor
  • Choose from among hundreds of top gift card brands and deliver a gift card by email or text
  • Send a gift card for a simple cup of tea or coffee after a long shift, like Dunkin‘, Peets or Sheetz

Cheers to the nurses and health worker heroes out there. Here’s to you — you are a gift to us all during gift card appreciation for National Nurses Week.