Top 7 RFP FAQ’s by Public Agencies for Gift Card Incentives

All across the country, federal, state and local agencies are discovering creative ways to provide relief and assistance to  underserved citizens in local communities. These public sector agencies include Health Departments, Departments of Education, Departments of Veterans Affairs, Correctional Facilities and Gaming Commissions. Today, they face a monumental, very specific challenge. They must do whatever [...]

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Navigating Vaccine Incentives with Gift Cards

Each employer must decide if vaccine incentives are right for their team. Many large companies, ranging from Trader Joe’s to Instacart, have already jumped on board, according to Forbes. Vaccine distribution has expanded with three approved options.  Appointments have become easier to schedule. A vaccinated workforce is now in the foreseeable future. If you decide [...]

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Employee Motivation: Our Most Precious Resource During COVID-19

Today’s demanding times require a new kind of perseverance among consumers, business owners and workers that may well define our future. Business owners that develop alternative strategies and invent innovative ways to maximize resources and pivot toward today’s emerging demands will clearly have the edge. And more than ever, it is imperative that employees and [...]

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Introducing The eGifter Essentials Choice Card

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating new work dynamics for everyone. Gift cards have become a critical tool to support and help employees working from home. Businesses everywhere are doing the right thing by their staff -- to show appreciation for essential workers that are still reporting in daily and to help those in need of [...]

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How Companies are Helping Employees During COVID-19

Companies large and small are learning in real-time how to navigate a new world where employees are working from home, making sacrifices to show up for essential services, or have had their positions reduced or even eliminated due to COVID-19. It’s a challenging time, to say the least, but we are seeing examples of businesses [...]

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CDC: Corporate Leadership Response to COVID-19

In the face of the Corona Virus pandemic, which feels like it may be taking the world by storm, level headed thinking by business leaders is today’s definitive mandatory. At this very moment, Federal, State and Local governments are struggling to gain a foothold to contain this outbreak. The potential medical tsunami  looms large. Across [...]

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