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Rewards Programs for Insurance Companies

In the ever-challenging realm of insurance, encompassing automotive, homeowners, or life insurance, the marketing strategies of carriers are finely tuned and vigilant. With slim profit margins and the perpetual challenge of retaining customers, insurance companies recognize the pivotal role that rewards strategies play in their operations. Leveraging purchase incentives, sign-up rewards, customer appreciation initiatives, [...]

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Streamline Sales Team Expenses with Gift Cards

Your sales team is back on the road, in the air and on the field engaging face-to-face with clients. The costs associated with business travel add up quickly. You need a fast and easy way to manage it, while keeping your road warriors motivated. Enter the Gas & Grocery Choice Card from eGifter Rewards. It [...]

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Best Gift Card Platform for Business Incentives Strategies

Searching for the holy grail of incentive and reward items for your corporate gifting program? It often starts with researching and selecting the best gift card platform for business incentives strategies. Wondering where to begin? Itemize the various use cases and develop a plan to drive behaviors with rewards. The core strategy? Leverage a [...]

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Customer Loyalty with the Best Gift Card Platform

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last.” It’s in this spirit that we share some thoughts on customer loyalty with the best corporate gift card platform, eGifter Rewards. The march toward customer loyalty has five logical steps. First, the effort is all about reach. You have to reach the right people at the [...]

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How Gift Card Rewards Drive Business Development

Digital and physical gift cards are proven ways to drive engagement, sales and loyalty. Just about everyone loves gift cards! We can all relate -- receiving a gift card feels like a “free gift” and “free money.”  Plus, if a prospect is weighing pros and cons, sometimes a lighthearted incentive can motivate them toward [...]

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Best Gift Card Programs of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we thought it would be interesting and insightful to curate and share our list of the more noteworthy implementations of gift card programs that rely on the eGifter Rewards to produce the best gift card programs. Although objectives vary, strategies differ and budgets span widely, our clients all have [...]

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Retain Customers with Gift Card Incentives

If you’re looking for a quick injection of inspiration with regard to customer retention strategies and tactics, read on! Repeat customers are often among the most profitable given the absence of customer acquisition costs, overhead costs and onboarding expenses. The renowned go-to for corporate executives, Harvard Business Review, has conducted many-a-study on the value [...]

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Digital Gift Cards for Business

When you stop to consider the global perspective, the range and number of business challenges made easier through access to a secure and robust gift card catalog with a simple order and delivery system is truly dizzying. Our gift card platform makes it easy for leaders to meet their objectives, drive sales and generate stellar [...]

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