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Gift Card Rewards They’ll Love, No Fees

Free to Send. Awesome to Receive.

Send personalized digital gift card rewards and incentives right to their inbox, instantly, or get fast shipping on physical gift cards. Choose from over 1,000 brands from around the world. Track status and resend cards in real-time.

gift card rewards and incentives

Companies big and small trust eGifter Rewards

AAA Logo - gift card rewards and incentivesAAA Logo - gift card rewards and incentives
CDW Logo - gift card rewards and incentivesCDW Logo - gift card rewards and incentives
Groupon Logo - gift card rewards and incentivesGroupon Logo - gift card rewards and incentives
Harlem Children's Zone Logo - gift card rewards and incentivesHarlem Children's Zone Logo - gift card rewards and incentives
NBCUniversal Logo - gift card rewards and incentivesNBCUniversal Logo - gift card rewards and incentives
TikTok Logo - gift card rewards and incentivesTikTok Logo - gift card rewards and incentives

Order gift cards with no minimums or long-term commitment

eGifter RewardsTM provides instant-delivery of gift cards for rewards, incentives and wellness.

Personalize your rewards

No Card Fees

Send digital gift cards by email or text with no card fees. Pay just for shipping/handling on physical gift cards.

Personalize your rewards

Personalize your rewards

Customize digital delivery with your logo, message and eGreeting card. Photo and video options, too!

Tons of reporting

Tons of reporting

Track gift card status in real time, manage users and budgets, and run reports on demand.

Hundreds of Top Gift Card Brands to Choose From

The eGifter Rewards™ Gift Card catalog has over 1,000 global brands in categories including home improvement, restaurants & delivery, electronics, movies & music, apparel & sporting goods. Not sure what to send? The eGifter Choice Card lets the recipient pick their favorite brand.

Elevate Your Global Rewards

Seamless Worldwide Recognition

Discover the power of eGifter Rewards™ to effortlessly access premium international brands for bulk gift card orders, employee rewards distribution, and comprehensive global incentive initiatives. Whether you’re a multinational corporation spanning continents or a burgeoning enterprise venturing into new territories we can meet your requirements with ease.

gift card rewards and incentives

Give The Gift Of Choice & Flexibility

eGifter Rewards Choice Card

The eGifter Rewards Choice Card™ for Rewards & Incentives

eGifter Rewards™ Choice Card recipients can redeem for an eGift card from over 300 top retailers ranging from adidas to Zappos. Learn more.

American Express® Reward

The eGifter Rewards Choice Card™ for Rewards & Incentives

The American Express Reward Card is a flexible and familiar reward everyone can appreciate.

Visa® Reward

The Vanilla® eReward Visa® Cards for Rewards & Incentives

Visa® is a simple, effective reward to encourage performance, recognize employees or build customer loyalty. Learn more.

Buy Gift Cards in Bulk

Buy Bulk Gift Cards

Buying bulk gift cards has never been simpler.

eGifter RewardsTM has many different ways to purchase gift cards, including buying gift cards in bulk and API delivery. Our Gift Card platform offers easy account set up, and robust reporting so you can optimize every purchase. Buy Gift Cards in bulk with ACH, Wire Transfer or Credit Card. Learn more.

eGifter Rewards Gift Card APITM

The eGifter Rewards Gift Card API allows you to seamlessly integrate gift cards into your mobile app, rewards or other incentives program. Our API enables delivery of gift cards to your users in real-time for over 300 different eGift cards.

eGifter Rewards Gift Card API intergration

Employee Rewards

Consumer Engagement - eGifter Rewards Gift Card API intergration

Consumer Engagement

Surveys and Research - eGifter Rewards Gift Card API intergration

Surveys & Research

Sales Incentives - eGifter Rewards Gift Card API intergration

Sales Incentives

Cash-out Alternatives - eGifter Rewards Gift Card API intergration

Cash-Out Alternatives

Health and Wellness - eGifter Rewards Gift Card API intergration

Health & Wellness

Need to place a small order immediately?

Order instantly, up to $5,000, and checkout with a credit card at our Rewards Express™ site. Learn more.

Options To Give You Peace Of Mind

eGifter RewardsTM offers many options for corporate Gift Card purchases, including bulk gift card orders and API integration. White-label solutions put your brand front and center. Learn more.

eGifter Rewards™ are Fast & Simple


Send individual rewards, upload a spreadsheet, or order in bulk. API integration is also available. Choose the method that’s right for you.

eGifter Rewards™ Robust Reporting


Save time and money with a centralized solution for placing and tracking orders.

eGifter Rewards™ is Safe & Secure

White-Label Solutions

Customize the solution with your company’s logo and branding. Add messages and even photos to each gift card order for a personal touch.

eGifter Rewards Salesforce App

eGifter Rewards for Salesforce

Engage prospects and reward customers with eGift Cards—all from within Salesforce. Available for download from the Salesforce AppExchange. Learn more.

eGifter RewardsTM is ideal for:

eGifter Rewards™ are perfect for Sales Incentives & Rewards
  • Employee Rewards
  • Sales Incentives
  • Loyalty Rewards

  • Health & Wellness Programs
  • Gifts For Colleagues

  • Sweepstakes
  • Market Research
  • Surveys
  • Recruiting
  • Year-End Gifts

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