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Prepaid Vanilla Virtual Visa: Open Loop GiftCards Accepted Here

As you consider the potential array of retail gift card brands to include in your rewards and incentives catalog or mobile rewards app, be sure to remember the Vanilla eGift Visa gift card, aka Virtual Visa. This open loop, prepaid Vanilla Visa gift card is available in several denominations ($25, $50, $100). Arguably the [...]

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Motivating Sales Teams with Gift Cards

Acohesive and motivated sales team is the lifeblood of any company. Acquiring qualified prospects and moving them through the purchase path is both an art and a science. Leveraging all the tricks of the trade is key because it takes a village to meet quotas, deliver sales objectives and achieve revenue goals. One of [...]

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Case Study: eGifter @WorldAtWork Gift Cards

Gone are the days of generating leads at trade shows. That ship has sailed! For now and forevermore, if you’re not closing deals by attracting high potential customers & partners, it’s time to reconsider your sales and marketing budget. Here's the thing: While you’re diligently staffing the show, your juiciest prospects may be oh-so-close, yet not [...]

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