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Incentivizing Surveys: Boost Participation with eGift Cards

Listening carefully to customers, employees, and partners could be the difference between thriving in a competitive market and falling behind. Market research surveys serve as invaluable tools for businesses seeking to mine data that unearths advantages, strategies and profits. However, getting respondents to actively participate in surveys can be quite challenging. That's where the [...]

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Rewards Programs for Insurance Companies

In the ever-challenging realm of insurance, encompassing automotive, homeowners, or life insurance, the marketing strategies of carriers are finely tuned and vigilant. With slim profit margins and the perpetual challenge of retaining customers, insurance companies recognize the pivotal role that rewards strategies play in their operations. Leveraging purchase incentives, sign-up rewards, customer appreciation initiatives, [...]

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On Memorial Day, Gift Cards to Honor Veterans

Chances are, someone related to your business has provided military service to our country. On this Memorial Day, we suggest a unique honor for those who serve or have served.  Distribute a Charity Choice gift card  or Charity On Top Gift Card.  Sending these gift cards to employees and customers is a gesture that [...]

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