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Cash Out Alternatives

API Ready

Developers: Add Instant Gift Card Rewards to Your Mobile Rewards Program for Cash Out Alternatives

Gift Cards for Customer Referrals

Gift Cards for Customer Referrals

Convert static buyers into loyal brand ambassadors by building incentives into referral programs and app download strategies. With the eGifter Gift Card API, the past challenges related to sourcing, buying and delivering referral incentives are ancient history.

Gift Cards for Tokens, Points & Miles

Gift Cards for Tokens, Points & Miles

If you’re not fulfilling rewards with gift cards, you’re missing the point, literally. Redeeming miles, tokens, coins and points for eGift cards drives loyalty and engagement. Best of all, the cost-efficiency of gift cards versus cash payouts is a boost to both bottom line and user experience.

Gift Cards for Appeasements

Gift Cards for Appeasements

Can upset customers ever be good for your business? Totally! When complaints are handled with both great customer service *and* gift cards for appeasement, you can transform problem buyers into loyal and engaged customers. The eGifter Gift Card API serves up customer relationship management at its finest.

Seamless Integration. Instant Results.

Spend less time managing cash out rewards and token fulfillment and more time developing solutions for your business with eGifter’s gift card platform.

Your users are here. They take the actions, you award the gift cards.

Reward Active Users

Send Rewards and Incentives for:

  • Downloading an app

  • Playing a game

  • Referring a friend

  • Completing a survey

  • Watching a video

  • Posting a review

  • Viewing an ad

  • Testing a product

  • Viewing content

Test Drive the eGifter Gift Card APITM

Go ahead. Take it for a spin.

eGifter API Screen

Built for Developers Like You.

If you’re looking to add Gift Cards to your application or platform for instant marketing gifts, cash out alternatives or incentives & rewards — your API is here. Learn more.

  • Quickly setup a tailored recipient experience
  • Allow users to choose their preferred brands
  • Define rules around denominations
  • Back office tools enable easy administration
  • Focus on your platform & leave rewards to us

Reward your active users with real-world prizes

Power your app with the most robust, flexible and customizable platform for gift card integration. All this, courtesy of the eGifter Gift Card API.

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Our Catalog is Your Catalog

The math is simple. eGifter Rewards offers over 300 relationships with individual retail brands. With our vast selection of gift card merchants instantly accessible to your users at lightning speed, the net sum is a total rewards program where everyone wins.

Source and send digital gift cards from your app using a catalog of the world’s greatest brands.
Get started today!

  • No Minimum Volume

  • Variable Denominations

  • Management & Reporting Portal Access

  • Store Brands and Visa

Launch Your Program in Weeks, Not Months

With systematized requirements gathering, onboarding, test and launch protocols, we’ll get you going quickly and efficiently. We know you need to focus on growing and scaling your business. Our focus is on you.

Quick API Integration

Did You Know?

Mobile phone gamers are growing year over year

Mobile Gamers on the Rise

Gift Card sales, in the Billions, are increasing year over year

Gift Card Sales 1999 - 2018

More than 147.8 million people in the US are playing mobile games.

Mobile Game Players

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