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Rave Reviews About Our Gift Card Rewards

Naturally, we’re delighted about the rave reviews we receive at our Trustpilot review site. We’re proud of the five star ratings. There's an overflow of positive feedback like “the bulk gift card system works perfectly”, “quick and easy gift cards for business” and “amazing customer experience”. But the thing we’re most jazzed about is [...]

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Grocery and Fuel Gift Cards for Holiday!

With the holidays comes travel, festive meals and valuable time with family and friends. What better way to treat employees or customers than a gift card to buy groceries or help fill their gas tank? Better yet, hand it to them in person and show your customer appreciation. With Black Friday just around the corner, [...]

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Customer Loyalty with the Best Gift Card Platform

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last.” It’s in this spirit that we share some thoughts on customer loyalty with the best corporate gift card platform, eGifter Rewards. The march toward customer loyalty has five logical steps. First, the effort is all about reach -- you have to reach the right people [...]

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Record Breaking Retail Shopping for Thanksgiving Weekend

A recent report by the NRF implies a tremendous market opportunity available to gift card merchants. The NRA forecasts record breaking retail shopping for Thanksgiving weekend. Merchants that enable technology solutions for purchasing gift cards in bulk for rewards and incentives are well positioned. They are poised to improve the shopping and gifting experiences of [...]

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Modernize Your Rewards and Incentives Program

Scalability through business process automation is the way to crush the competition in today’s agile technology economy. Modernizing your business is more than upgrading computers and networks. It’s about looking deeply into systems and processes to uncover bottlenecks that slow down progress and hinder your growth. An easy place to maximize speed, spending and [...]

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5 Tips for Customer Appeasement

Even with an endless supply of time, effort and budget, you simply can’t please everyone all the time. There will surely be times when customers have problems or complaints that need review and resolution. It’s for this reason that gift card solutions like eGifter Rewards customer appeasement modules are the next best thing to [...]

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10 Ideas to Increase Consumer Engagement

As the cornerstone of your marketing mix, social media allows you to exponentially increase your company’s exposure, build your customer base and add valuable data for measurement and mining. Do all this while building loyalty and preference for your brand. Beyond that, but social marketing can help you get connected with people in a [...]

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The Best Father’s Day Business Gift

Father’s Day continues to be a cornerstone shopping holiday in the USA. Before we name The Best Father’s Day Business Gift, let’s frame the context. Look through the lens of this 2019 NRF (National Retail Federation) study of Father’s Day seasonal trends. It does not matter whether the gift is rewards for employees,  sales [...]

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Automating Business Gift Card Rewards

Procrastinators, not to worry! We are not going to psychoanalyze the myriad reasons you feel so overwhelmed, day after day. No, we’re not going to explore the root causes of your feelings around procrastination. Forget it! If you’re looking for ways to overcome the self-imposed anxiety around corporate gifting, trade show gift card giveaways, [...]

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Speaking of survey rewards and incentives, one of the greatest ideas around is Gift Cards. eGifter Rewards is proud to feature Gift Cards, the nation’s largest dining deal site with thousands of restaurants and online merchants nationwide. Gift Cards are a high-value, low cost incentive to increase revenue, attract new customers [...]

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