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Visa® Reward Card: Most Flexible & Most Popular

As you consider the potential array of retail gift card brands to include in your rewards and incentives catalog or mobile rewards app, be sure to remember the most flexible, most popular Visa® Reward Card. This open loop rewards card is available in several denominations ($25, $50, $100). Arguably the most convenient payment method, [...]

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FACT: Employee Wellness Programs Work

The results are in! With wellness gift cards rewards, workers in the U.S. would exercise more, improving their longevity, health and happiness. Along with other study results, the newly released stats from a nationwide study by United Health Group shows there is a clear link between employee wellness and business results like greater productivity, [...]

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Gift Card Incentives for Gamification

Gamification is here to stay. Injecting gamification ideas and strategies into your Incentive Compensation Plan can be a lightweight effort that delivers heavyweight results for your company. Many thousands of companies like yours are getting great results by using merit and gift card incentives to align employees’ objectives with company goals. Use performance linked [...]

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Automating Business Gift Card Rewards

Procrastinators, not to worry! We are not going to psychoanalyze the myriad reasons you feel so overwhelmed, day after day. No, we’re not going to explore the root causes of your feelings around procrastination. Forget it! If you’re looking for ways to overcome the self-imposed anxiety around corporate gifting, trade show gift card giveaways, [...]

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QuickStart Guide to Loyalty, Rewards and Incentives

A one size fits all solution for your Loyalty, Rewards and Incentive Program does indeed exist. The challenge is not for the faint hearted. Today's business environment is volatile and complex. Customer retention is the way build lifetime customer value and profitability. This quickstart guide to loyalty, rewards and incentives is a brief checklist. [...]

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Recharge and Reward Employees with Spa Week Gift Cards

Every employer wants to retain employees by winning their hearts, minds -- and their very best work efforts. When workers feel appreciated and regarded by their corporate employer, they are apt to remain loyal and engaged for the long haul. There's nothing an HR Director wants more than to make great hire that remains a [...]

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Employee Health and Wellness Rewards

Now that the eRewards Catalog and Gift Card Distribution components of your Corporate Health and Wellness Program are firmly in place with eGifter Rewards (via Portal or API), your employee engagement trajectory is set. Now you’re ready to build out your wellness program design including goal setting, behavior tracking, gift card rewards and spending levels. [...]

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Trending Now and Forever: Employee Health and Wellness

Searching for ideas to engage your workforce in a healthy way? Consider creating an Employee Wellness Program. It’s easier than you think and will pay off in spades for your company, your staff and your customers. A research study by Rand Corporation (one of the 50 Most Influential Think Tanks in the U.S.) reveals [...]

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