Looking for great gift cards for employees, colleagues or customers? Send them to dinner with a restaurant gift card! Don’t know which restaurant they prefer? Send them the dining rewards that come with freedom of choice. Introducing the newest gift item in our catalog, the Dining Choice Rewards Gift Card. With it, you’re giving the thoughtfulness of a night out at the restaurant they like best. Business gifts that create a great experience are the ones that matter most. So, take a look at your stakeholders and see where you want to make the most impact. If anyone in your business orbit could use a thanks or a boost, send them to dinner with dining rewards. They’ll have a blast and you’ll score as well. 

Driving Engagement with Dining Rewards Programs 

Chances are there are lots of people that meet the criteria to receive an incentive or reward. A gift card is a great way to extend a simple thanks for a great job — or encouragement to get the job done. Any one of these accomplishments would be a great reason to send a corporate gift. The eGifter Rewards platform makes it easy, quick and cost-efficient. Not just once, but all year long. 

Simply select the Dining Rewards Choice Card for your recipient (one person — or thousands). One mouse click delivers it instantly by email or text. The gift notification they receive will direct them to a special Redemption Site. where they can redeem it for the restaurant gift card of their choice. With scores of restaurants to choose from, they’re sure to enjoy a feast that includes a toast from you and the company.

Restaurant Gift Cards

10 Achievements That Deserve Gift Card Rewards

  1. Reward Customer Loyalty
  2. Meet or Exceed Sales Quota
  3. Encourage Budget Savings
  4. Award Service Longevity
  5. Incentivize Health and Wellness
  6. Thanks for Effective Teamwork
  7. Leadership Recognition
  8. Employee Safety Incentives
  9. Bonus for Project Completion
  10. Just Because

Keep your teams humming with eGifter Rewards. Contact us today to get started. With no minimums and no commitments, it’s easy as pie.