Rewards Programs for Insurance Companies

In the ever-challenging realm of insurance, encompassing automotive, homeowners, or life insurance, the marketing strategies of carriers are finely tuned and vigilant. With slim profit margins and the perpetual challenge of retaining customers, insurance companies recognize the pivotal role that rewards strategies play in their operations. Leveraging purchase incentives, sign-up rewards, customer appreciation initiatives, [...]

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Fulfill Your Rewards Program with Gift Cards

When companies implement a Rewards Program, they strive to create a win-win situation. Designing a strategic corporate rewards initiative serves many business interests like gaining a competitive edge and increasing market share. Customers win by gaining an item of value, often for free. And employees win by feeling appreciated and revered. In both cases, customers [...]

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Best Practices for Gift Cards and Customer Satisfaction

If this article caught your eye, you’re probably ready for some careful listening to your customer base.  Stay focused on why customers like your company and products -- and why they don’t. Exploring ‘what’s working’ will allow you to do more of the same. And identifying gaps in product quality, pricing and service will [...]

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Tips to Build Customer Loyalty with Gift Card Rewards

Customer loyalty is something that is earned over time. There is no guarantee that after their first purchase, a customer will continue to buy from you. In fact, the odds are stacked against you. That’s because competition is fierce and consumers often shop on price and discounts alone. You’re going to have to convince [...]

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10 Ideas for Loyalty Marketing with Gift Cards

Corporate Rewards Programs that enable loyalty marketing are more essential today than ever before. Consumers are spending cautiously so companies are forced to compete in new and creative ways. Businesses are super focused on strategies that motivate and reward loyalty, purchase and engagement. The audiences are many, including employees, consumers, prospective customers and partners. [...]

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Customer Loyalty with the Best Gift Card Platform

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last.” It’s in this spirit that we share some thoughts on customer loyalty with the best corporate gift card platform, eGifter Rewards. The march toward customer loyalty has five logical steps. First, the effort is all about reach. You have to reach the right people at the [...]

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Retain Customers with Gift Card Incentives

If you’re looking for a quick injection of inspiration with regard to customer retention strategies and tactics, read on! Repeat customers are often among the most profitable given the absence of customer acquisition costs, overhead costs and onboarding expenses. The renowned go-to for corporate executives, Harvard Business Review, has conducted many-a-study on the value [...]

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Virtual Incentives: Gift Cards for Every Business Strategy

Best practices will have you apply a single, overarching strategy to every area of your business. Doing so is achievable, logical, cost-effective and powerful.  Naturally, we are referencing virtual incentives: gift cards for every business strategy. The eGifter Rewards platform is the vehicle. There, you can accessing a catalog of over 300 of the [...]

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Simplify Customer Appeasement with Gift Cards

Even with an endless supply of time, effort and budget, you simply can’t please everyone all the time. There will surely be times when customers have problems or complaints that need review and resolution. For this reason, eGifter Rewards customer appeasement with gift cards can be future revenue savers. Your business reputation and revenue [...]

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