Captain Obvious says, leverage your existing technology platforms to gain the maximum business benefit. That’s why injecting a seamless gift card rewards solution is a strategic home run. Obviously, we’re talking about connecting the eGifter Rewards platform to the multitude of information systems you already rely on. For example, does your company purchase corporate gifts, holiday presents and employee appreciation gifts? If “yes”, your current procurement platform represents an integration waiting to happen.  Do you promote employee wellness and health? Clearly, worker productivity and employee retention are enhanced with rewards. How about sales gamification? Sales incentives based on tremendous rewards always accelerate the sales cycle. The 3 API integration ideas for gift card rewards below are ready-made. So, go the extra mile. Register for our no hassle, no contract, no minimum Gift Card API integration. You’ve primed the pump, now turn on the gas.

3 API Integration Ideas for Gift Card Rewards

Most all businesses are wired for speed in these three areas. In every case, these platforms power business activity that engages vendors, employees, and customers. Across the board, there are clearcut opportunities to purchase the best items cost-efficiently, and use them as fulfillment, programmatically. You’re already doing it. With eGifter Rewards, you can perform the same actions better, faster and with incredible style and impact.

  1. Supply Chain and Procurement Platforms: Check out our Gift Card Rewards API to see the ease of integration with eGifter Rewards. If you’re searching for a procurement platform, the procurement review site is a great place to learn more. 
  2. Employee Wellness Platforms: If your company offers wellness incentives already using a digital platform, chances are the fulfillment component is lacking. A brief evaluation will likely convince you that the eGifter Rewards platform solves your gift card delivery pain points, hands down. If you’re searching for a Health and Wellness platform, check out the reviews on G.2com. 
  3. Gamification and Sales Performance Motivation Platforms:Badges and stars are great, but do they really drive results? Sales teams love winning prizes like gift cards and they really respond to challenges to acquire them. In fact, you can throttle low and high denominations based on milestones. With gift cards, everyone wins. Looking for a gamification platform? Check for Gamification Software reviews.