As the cornerstone of your marketing mix, social media allows you to exponentially increase your company’s exposure, build your customer base and add valuable data for measurement and mining. Do all this while building loyalty and preference for your brand. Beyond that, social marketing gets people connected with your brand. You’ll get more bang for your marketing buck with consumer engagement rewards. The attraction of giftcards as promotional marketing offers is hard to beat. Because people love “free stuff”, rewards based marketing with eGift Cards is an incredibly effective tactic. The next time you’re in the proverbial marketing war room, consider these 10 ideas for consumer engagement rewards.

Build Your Base with Consumer Engagement Rewards

For sure, the potential for widespread exposure is tremendous with rewards and incentive marketing. Not just that  — gift card incentives for consumers can be low-cost and easy to provide to your audience electronically. The eGifter Rewards Platform lets you order gift cards online and send by text or email. And they can be personalized to each recipient (even when you don’t know the person!). It’s easy to customize a meaningful message that feels very special when it arrives. By setting up a campaign or marketing outreach that delivers a “Thank You” for performing a particular behavior (Call to Action), you can drive the behavior you desire. Again and again.

Marketing promotions that leverage incentive marketing (like eRewards) are appealing for so many reasons. They are:

  1. Accessible
  2. Highly visual
  3. Potentially viral
  4. Instantaneous
  5. Creative
  6. Well loved — people love gift card rewards!

Pick a Strategy and Run with It

As you develop your marketing campaign and call to action (given the rewards are gift card incentives), consider which of these strategies tie most closely to your company and offering. Depending on which you select, your creative team can have a field day by matching up a relevant and appealing gift card retail brand based on the program you design.

  1. Play a game
  2. View an advertisement
  3. View content
  4. Shop online
  5. Watch a video
  6. Test a product
  7. Refer a friend
  8. Share an opinion
  9. Surf the web
  10. Post a review