We’re searching for the silver lining in the cloud of COVID-19, as any entrepreneur and business leader would. We try to discover emergent lessons from this world-leveling health crisis. We must put this crisis behind us ASAP. But perhaps one day, we may see some good. With an eye toward positivity and lasting gift legacy after COVID-19, we’ll reflect back on the revolutionary improvements taking shape now because we are engineering them in real time. Said another way, for instance, necessity is the mother of invention, like vaccine incentives. As a society, we grew from this incredible challenge.

Emergent Lessons and A Lasting Gift

1. We Adapted.

Without warning, a new era of self and family protection was ushered in. Social distancing became a thing. Simple acts like gift shopping at the mall, commuting to work and grocery shopping at the supermarket had to be curtailed. We had to invent new ways to do our jobs (thank you, Google docs), meet with colleagues (thank you, Zoom) and reinforce our homes (thank you, Home Depot). 

Celebrations like birthdays, retirements, graduations and anniversaries took on entirely new meanings. As a result, as we found ways to acknowledge, thank and care for each other differently. Certainly, in our world, gift card deliveries by email, text and postal mail helped others. Many clients at eGifterRewards.com delivered employee relief from COVID-19 through egift cards for essentials like pharmacies, groceries and takeout meals. 

In the face of a life threatening challenge, human beings around the world adapted with responses like these:

Invention. Collaboration. Transformation. Creativity. Appreciation.

2. We Became Adept.

And, as we adapted we also became *adept*, finding hidden skills, capabilities and competencies. We got to see what we’re made of! Oftentimes, it took grit, perseverance and single-mindedness to get ourselves and our families through a day. We’re doing it. And, we will continue. Here are some of the gifts we found inside ourselves:

Goodness. Resilience. Friends. Neighbors. Hidden talents. Ways to find joy. 

3. We Adopted New Solutions.

One expression of this idea is the adoption of a new attitude. If we have been complacent in our lives, in world politics, in sustainability, in charitable acts — we now have a clear picture of why we need to step up. And, we have a chance NOW to adopt a bias toward action on areas that are meaningful. 

Another articulation of this idea is the opportunity to adopt a cause. 

The team at eGifter Rewards has done this very thing. Because of our core competency in the gift card space, we invented and launched OperationMainStreet.com. The mission is to help small businesses all over the U.S. sell more gift cards through a free listing in this national, searchable directory. With it, they can gain cash flow to get them through the COVID-19 crisis. Our hope is to help save many small businesses and the jobs they create.

What’s more, the Operation Main Street directory gives local shoppers a way to save their favorite restaurants and shops by making it easy for them to buy gift cards. The revenue injection may well make the difference that keeps the lights on.   

Recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Operation Main Street helps to fuel local economies — today, and tomorrow.

The team at eGifter Rewards has risen to the occasion, having adopted the  attitude of Can Do. We appreciate the opportunity to help businesses in all the ways that we can. And we know — standing strong together will create the bright future we all expect and deserve.