Speaking of rewards, this week is a particularly good time for small business owners to take heed. With a nod to National Small Business Week, our team salutes the ~33 million small businesses in the USA. They know that rewards and incentives are central to lead generation, customer retention and employee satisfaction. In that spirit, here are a few real world examples reported by our own clients, who generously shared their experiences. If you can relate, read on. See how other savvy entrepreneurs are winning with innovative ways to use gift cards for small business.

How do you give a gift card in a creative way?

It’s easy to see how gift cards can be used creatively and strategically from this at-a-glance view. In fact, regardless of your industry classification, many of these scenarios (and all of the solutions) are likely to apply. 

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Employee Retention: A strong team is a fundamental asset. Keeping employees satisfied, loyal and productive is job #1. Show appreciation for their efforts and loyalty with employee gift card rewards from eGifter Rewards.
Insurance Agents Deal Closers: Agents need a competitive edge to close new deals and also motivate policy renewals. Gift card rewards are proven deal closers. Buy gift card rewards in bulk,including Amazon.com, Visa® eReward Cards and American Express from eGifter Rewards.
Realtors Lead Generation: New homeowners who are strong referral sources. Home buyers are likely to be a hot pocket of new business referrals and gift card rewards generate leads. Source and send gift card rewards to over 300+ popular retailers and restaurants from eGifter Rewards.
Marketing Agencies Promotional Items: Agencies are constantly searching for personal, unique and engaging promotional items for campaign fulfillment. The flexibility, personalization and instant delivery of gift cards are a no brainer for marketers in need. Procure and deliver personalized marketing gift card rewards from eGifter Rewards.
Car Dealerships Customer Retention: With thin margins on car sales, sales teams need recurring revenue. Why would any car buyer shop elsewhere when they can get a gift card with trade-ins! Thank customers for their loyalty with the best gift card rewards from eGifter Rewards. Better yet, send them directly from your Salesforce.com account.
Medical Practices Health and Wellbeing: Healthcare companies are in a unique position to encourage health and wellness (and prevent serious illness) by encouraging patients to get regular checkups. Motivate wellness checkups and deliver community relief by sending automated gift card rewards from eGifter Rewards.
Retailers Visit Brick and Mortar Restaurants and Shops: With competition from eCommerce sites, retailers need to get customers in-store. Sending a gift card that can be redeemed during a personal visit gets the job done. In-store customer engagement becomes a reality with instant gift card rewards from eGifter Rewards.
Consulting Firms Build Preference and Trust: Consultants looking for a hook that enhances their customer relationships find that incentives are effective. Relationships are built upon preference and trust, always enhanced with gift card reward sales incentives from eGifter Rewards.
Mobile App and Game Developers Cash Out Solutions: Rather than use points, badges credits, give players a truly valuable award. With the seamless integration with our Gift Card API™, everyone wins. Value based awards won on gaming mobile apps can fuel more downloads and greater usage. It’s easy to make it happen with automated gift card rewards from eGifter Rewards.

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