If you’re looking for ideas on how to make employees feel supported and appreciated, now is a good time to get in gear. If you don’t have a plan in place to encourage and reward work life balance, gather some inspiration today, on National Employee Benefits Day. The importance of work life balance for employee retention cannot be overstated. This is especially true in recent years when the lines between work and life have blurred. The benefits of gift card rewards for employee retention are many. If you don’t already have a gift card rewards platform, this quick read might convince you to get started. If you do, kudos on a good plan!

Gift Card Rewards Influence Productivity, Health and Happiness

The opportunity costs of losing valuable employees are more than most companies can withstand. There are hard costs that go into recruiting, interviewing and training. So, doing everything possible to maintain a strong workforce is the lifeblood of every successful company. One of the easiest ways to increase employee retention is to look out for the well being of workers at all levels. When business leaders lean into the benefits of work life balance, good things happen for everyone.

Employee Retention

Productivity At Home

One of the easiest ways to let staffers know you understand the importance of work life balance is to offer flexible working arrangements. Blending work productivity with family responsibilities is challenging. Allowing employees to work from home adds back hours and dollars that would have been spent on commuting. Distributing gift card rewards to help employees purchase items that help them do their job better goes a long way. Some of these include items for electronics and ergonomics like Amazon.com gift cards, Best Buy gift cards and Crutchfield gift cards. 

Health and Wellness

Let this be the year that you cultivate a workplace wellness culture. When you encourage healthy choices, the team knows that you care. Using a gift card rewards platform to purchase and send health related gift cards is an obvious way to get the message across. A few health and wellness incentives that will go over well include The Vitamin Shoppe gift cards, Walmart gift cards and Whole Foods Market gift cards.

Happiness At Work

The dedicated, hardworking people on your staff are the ones that qualify for employee retention rewards the most. They are the ones that put in extra hours, assist others when help is needed and are always in good spirits. Chances are, their personalities lend themselves to being valued workers. However, when employees know they have an opportunity to earn something extra, like gift card rewards, the happiness meter can rise. And, happy workers are productive and more likely to stay in it for the long haul. Send lunch on the house with gift cards to eateries like Blimpie gift cards, Chipotle gift cards — or any dining option they prefer using DoorDash gift cards.

These ideas for employee retention offer a timely reminder about the importance of work life balance. There’s been overwhelming demand for employee motivation tools by companies just like yours. That’s where eGifter Rewards has made a difference in employee retention and client success. Helping employees stay happier and healthier is a worthwhile goal and we’re proud to be a part of the solution.