Digital and physical gift cards are proven ways to drive engagement, sales and loyalty. Just about everyone loves gift cards! We can all relate — receiving a gift card feels like a “free gift” and “free money.”  Plus, if a prospect is weighing pros and cons, sometimes a lighthearted incentive can motivate them toward a buying decision. You can make your company infinitely more competitive with a free account. Then, build your sales strategy. That’s how gift card rewards drive business development. Learn more — contact us today and see why eGifter Rewards s the best gift card rewards solution.

Gift Card Rewards Begin Here

Typically, business development reps first search the eGifter Rewards catalog for the retail gift card brand liable to have the greatest impact. Then, they enter a short and sweet personalized sales or service message. The best part is this: Reach just one person for quick customer engagement or send to many thousands in one shot. The ideal delivery method is up to you — text, email or PDF.  Seriously, where else could a busy sales professional go to source and send such an awesome sales perks in this compelling, affordable and simple way!

“Secure your budget now because you’re going to want to send gift cards later.”

Pick Your Delivery Timing

Do your prospects’ workloads begin to wind down on Thursdays? Is the beginning of the month less busy, meaning greater potential to notice a sales outreach? Perhaps Saturday mornings might be the optimum time to deliver a gift card sales incentive to that parent of a young family, ripe for a fun personal experience for the weekend. Given that gift card rewards help business development, strategic timing selection can really help.

The Takeaway

You can transform your gift card incentives and rewards program into a clear competitive advantage. Do this by planning your business development outreach strategically. First, carefully select the gift card retail brand to match the personality and needs of the recipient. Take extra care with custom messaging and delivery timing selection. 

Ultimately, you’ll build the relatedness needed for an open mind during your sales presentation. All told, it’s yet another example of the “everyone wins” mindset we abide by, here at eGifter Rewards.

In that spirit, we thought we’d pass along an extra strategic advantage right now! Courtesy of our consumer gift card division,, get $5 cash back when you purchase a $10 gift card through the American Express Shop Small promotion. Schedule a quick sales strategy session to leverage it for your sales teams, employees and their families. 

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