When you stop to consider the global perspective, the range and number of business challenges made easier through access to a secure and robust gift card catalog with a simple order and delivery system is truly dizzying. Our gift card platform makes it easy for leaders to meet their objectives, drive sales and generate stellar results. With digital gift cards for business purchased through eGifterRewards.com, you have a ready-made approach to improve employee performance and drive business growth.

Learn how using eGifter Rewards Gift Cards makes it easy to motivate, reward, engage, appease, drive sales and promote loyalty. We carry hundreds of the best retail brands including the popular vanilla e reward card.

The Best Digital Gift Cards Platform

Enterprise-wide, gift cards can help your company in countless ways. Take a moment to consider which of these strategies are employed by your company. See how much easier and better your teams can function given an efficient, powerful platform like eGifter Rewards. 

  • Rewards
  • Incentives
  • Engagement
  • Loyalty
  • Promotions
  • Research
  • Appreciation 
  • Recognition 
  • Gifting 
  • Customer Service
  • Data Mining
  • Cash Out software applications

One Platform — Shared Across Your Company

Marketing Departments

  • Motivate: Hype response to contests, promotions, newsletters or email signup 
  • Reward: Participants in market research surveys are more inclined to share if rewarded
  • Learn: Collect vital data that can help you better understand your market
  • Engage: Drive interaction with your brand through social posts, comments and likes. When you ink gift card use to online registrations, your customers to communicate their preferences and interests

Sales Teams

  • Engage: New sales initiatives always get more attention when gift cards are attached 
  • Incentivize: Help your reps have an easier time reactivating dormant customers
  • Encourage: Supporting sales people by giving their customers a reason to do business with them is helped greatly when something of value is included, like an eReward
  • Reward: Nothing makes a sales rep feel like the winner they are when you acknowledge their victory with a gift card award for busting quota or landing that whale of a client

Human Resources & Corporate Headquarters

  • Engage: The level of loyalty engendered when employees feel regarded by their company is nothing short of essential in today’s age of job hopping
  • Motivate: Gift cards are a solid way to link tangible results with employee performance — improving productivity, work quality and job satisfaction
  • Recognize: Employee retention is a hot topic, as investing in talent is expensive, time consuming and fundamental. Acknowledging employees for length of service is an award worth giving — and even a small token of appreciation like a gift card can make a real difference
  • Encourage: Trending today is the topic of Health & Wellness, such that maintaining an equal work/life balance is something that employees value. So, creating employee programs that encourage wellness through gift cards delivered at varying health milestones can be fun and fruitful, both for the employee AND the company

Customer Service Teams:

  • Engage: When customers take the time to personally relate to your company, keeping them engaged through simple-to-give gift cards will add to their lifetime value and profitability. What’s more, they’ll be ambassadors for your brand and likely to remain repeat customers.
  • Appease: Customer service representatives long for a way to appease unhappy customers. Gift cards can help them respond to complaints in a way that no other approach can satisfy.
  • Simplify: Giftcards are the most perfect form of Merchandise Credits, offering an alternative to cash when an item is returned without a receipt

Software Development Teams

  • Cashout: If your company develops software as part of an offering set, the ability to replace points, tokens or bucks with gift cards is a no-brainer solution that can deliver  tremendous value in terms of new customer acquisition, dramatically increased downloads, expanded user engagement, loyalty and improved perception overall