Welcome to 2021. At this very moment, leaders are hunkered down, getting ready for the upcoming year. Firstly, remote workforces have become a way of life. Next, data literacy is here to stay. Automation is a mandate. In 2021, program success will be dictated by ROI and Return on Behavior. And consider this: Customer and employee retention are the locks and loyalty is the key. However, if you leverage promotional gift card trends, you can set your 2021 trajectory. Because employee rewards, gift card incentives and performance motivation can help everywhere. In the short read ahead, learn how you can achieve 2021 goals with egift card incentives.

Bake eGift Card Incentives Into Your Business Strategy

Tip #1: Start with a Clean Slate

Moving your business forward in 2021 will take fresh thinking. Then, you survived 2020 with your business intact. Now, you can articulate a new list of imperatives. Here is your head start.

  • 2021 offers a great opportunity to build back better:
    • Start by understanding the personal values of your audience 
    • Next, link performance incentives based on their preferences
    • Then, map your goals to performance egift card incentives
    • Help people complete complex tasks by adding structure and rewards 
    • Encourage sales and loyalty with reasons to buy
    • Soon, you’ll have a culture of engagement and rapport
    • Mix in ‘quality of life’ approaches and get your team humming
  • Infuse these ideas into your corporate culture: 
    • Inspiration is a magnet of attraction 
    • Recognition is a fundamental human need
    • Appreciation breeds loyalty
    • People respond to perceived value and TLC

Tip #2: Evaluate eGifter Rewards for eGift Card Incentives

Today offers a new perspective that only a new year can bring. Chances are you are searching for a technology solution that can impact every area of your business. The 10 feature checklist below can end your search quickly. So far, all of our clients agree.

Rewards Choice Card

  1. A single platform. Share efficiently across the organization.
  2. Web-based or API rewards plug into any program.
  3. Every department can benefit. Sales, Marketing, HR, Customer Service AND Development.
  4. Personalization tools will inspire, motivate and incentivize.
  5. Gift cards arrive instantly or in the future.
  6. A generic gift card can be redeemed for any brand in the catalog.
  7. Hundreds of shopping choices make the experience valuable and fun.
  8. Security features you expect and require.
  9. Robust, out of the box reporting that satisfies every executive.
  10. Zero ramp up time.

Tip #3: Register for a Free eGifter Rewards Account. 

It’s easy! Click here.  No commitments, no long term contracts. 

Control your trajectory and achieve 2021 goals with gift card rewards. Get started today.