Searching for the holy grail of incentive and reward items for your corporate gifting program? It often starts with researching and selecting the best gift card platform for business incentives strategies. Wondering where to begin? Itemize the various use cases and develop a plan to drive behaviors with rewards. The core strategy? Leverage a single, shared egiftcard platform. The obvious tactic? Customize the giftcard selection based on lifestyle or demographic. As part of your criteria, make sure there is a wide selection of digital and physical gift cards to top retail stores and restaurants. The icing on the cake? Personalize your gift. Branding, images and messaging make it meaningful, impactful and memorable. Business incentives are always better when they are personal.

Strategic Approaches to Business Incentives 

  1. Identify behaviors you want to encourage, for example a vaccine incentives program
  1. Scour the market for a gift card system that is secure, powerful, easy to use and affordable
  1. Make sure there is a vast gift card catalog with both classic stores and the hottest brands
  1. Execute your program in a personal way  so every recipient has a rewarding experience

Develop a Checklist

This checklist will get you started on your mission toward increasing revenue, retaining employees and adding value in every area of your business. 

Use Cases Employees Sales Reps Customers Partners Suppliers
Survey Responses
Holiday Gifts

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