The excitement continues at eGifter Rewards with a new set of gift card rewards now available for one touch procurement and personalized delivery. This month, we welcome Allbirds gift cards, Chubbies gift cards, Hanna Anderson gift cards, League of Legends gift cards, Valorant gift cards, ThredUp gift cards and UnTUCKit gift cards. Along with that, our flagship reward and incentive eGifter Rewards card continues its popularity run. All are designed to engage your recipients with corporate gifts that motivate and delight.

New Gift Card Rewards

Why eGifter Rewards is the Premier Reward and Incentive Platform

For clients, it begins with a realization: The long standing pain points around managing reward and incentives purchases and distribution have been laid to rest. (Whew!) Then, there’s the relief: Executing corporate rewards campaigns has become easier, faster and more affordable. (That’s because teams suddenly have more time on their hands, which can be allocated to other projects.) Ultimately, real results are achieved: Recipients are satisfied, engaged, motivated and appreciative. (That’s what moves the needle.)

To summarize, our clients report a sequential transition from Realization to Relief to Results. That’s what makes eGifter Rewards the premier gift card automation platform for reward and incentives programs.

For Employees

Here are just a few of the ways our clients are using reward and incentives for employees: Honoring top performers; driving training participation, celebrating goal achievement, expressing appreciation, recognizing milestones and thanking staffers for their hard work.

For Prospects and Customers

Sales teams are having tremendous success by deploying gift card by text, email and postal mail for situations like these: Closing new deals; motivating repeat purchases; building loyalty; encouraging engagement; boosting survey response rates; designing compelling promotions; converting complaints into satisfaction.

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