Even with an endless supply of time, effort and budget, you simply can’t please everyone all the time. There will surely be times when customers have problems or complaints that need review and resolution. It’s for this reason that gift card solutions like eGifter Rewards customer appeasement modules are the next best thing to sliced bread. Regardless of whether complaints are rooted in sales, marketing or service, whether online or in-store, your company’s reputation and revenue hangs in the balance. That’s why investing in a simple, affordable business gift card platform for customer appeasement is the way to go. Prospect, customer and employee acquisition are expensive investments! Retaining profitable and essential stakeholders by listening, responding (and sometimes rewarding!) is key. This we know for sure: The customer is always right. We hope these 5 tips for customer appeasement will help.

5 Tips for Customer Appeasement

When customers feel like they’re being treated respectfully they become better and more profitable customers — and often wonderful ambassadors for your brand. Sometimes, all it takes is a vanilla e reward to turn a frown upside down. 

1.Don’t Deflect Blame — Be Responsible

Take responsibility for the problems or negative experiences that customers are reporting.  As a front-line representative, you should stand ready to sincerely apologize on behalf of your company, even when a problem or a situation that caused frustration was not your fault at all. Once you express your regret, quickly do your best to make it right. A small token, like a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, always helps. 

2.Don’t be Indifferent — Be Enthusiastic!

If you treat people as an annoyance or one-time transaction, that’s what they’ll remain. Instead, remember that there is actually a human being on the other side. Treat them the same way *you* would like to be treated. Better yet, treat them the way you would want your *mother* to be treated. Your job is to make any customer’s problem your own — and then solve it to the maximum extent possible. And if solving it is literally impossible, a simple and quick giftcard appeasement takes the pain away. 

3.Don’t Take Customers for Granted — Express Gratitude!

The ROI you can generate by saying “Thank You” is tremendous. While a short phrase of gratitude takes very little effort, it speaks volumes for your brand. Always appreciate the opportunity to be helpful and provide assistance to the customer and you’ll always have a job — because repeat customers emerge from being treated well.

4.Don’t Assume Satisfaction — Ask for Confirmation!

How do you know if the customer is satisfied? How can you be sure that they won’t speak negatively about you on social media? Unless you completely tamp down the complaint or problem, you face the risk of negative sentiment and worse, negative social sharing. So, simply ask! As an alternative to a one-by-one approach, a market research survey campaign is a great way to gather customer satisfaction feedback. BTW, did you know that eGift Cards and eRewards are great incentives to engage customers and increase survey responses? :)

5.Don’t Just Act Like You Care — Actually Care!

People can easily detect lip service. There’s nothing more disheartening than someone acting like they care — when you know they don’t.  All you have to do is listen with an open mind. Stop the hot potato transfer to another colleague or team or department. Care about helping them — and you will get great satisfaction out of having done so. And rest assured that your diligence and care will shine through in your company’s success. 

If you can increase the chance for your frustrated customers to come away delighted, you’re one step closer to having a committed customer for life. We hope these 5 Tips for Customer Appeasement make a difference for you and yours.