When companies implement a Rewards Program, they strive to create a win-win situation. Designing a strategic corporate rewards initiative serves many business interests like gaining a competitive edge and increasing market share. Customers win by gaining an item of value, often for free. And employees win by feeling appreciated and revered. In both cases, customers and employees develop a sense of loyalty and preference. The key element in program development is baking in an effective, affordable, scalable approach. When you fulfill your Rewards Program with gift cards, you’re checking all the boxes without breaking a sweat.

5 Reasons to Fulfill Your Rewards Program with Gift Cards

1: Instant Rewards, Hundreds of Top Brands

Digital gift cards deliver instantly, by text or email. Psychologically speaking, the greatest result of instant gratification is that positive feelings are quick to form. Gift cards satisfy that primal need of acquiring a result immediately. When people get something “now”, they tend to have a high regard for the giver. And, that’s the entire point: To impact the recipient in a way that moves them. This kind of positive regard translates into brand loyalty and purchase preference. (Note: eGifter Rewards offers digital delivery by text, email. Physical gift cards can be delivered by USPS or FedEx.)

Choose from a catalog offering hundreds of the best retail brands including Amazon.com, Apple, Walmart, Starbucks, Target, Visa eRewards and American Express.

eGifter Rewards Top Retail Gift Cards

2: Automated Gift Card Delivery

When evaluating tools and platforms for loyalty rewards, be sure to prioritize automation. Making it easy for your teams to purchase reward cards through an intuitive user interface helps them do their job hassle free. Whether you deploy gift cards to one, hundreds or thousands of people, a web-based tool is the ticket. Is Gamification your game? Companies that work to influence behaviors through gamification (i.e. points and badges) are on easy street. When the eGifter Rewards platform is integrated into the stack, costly development time is eliminated. (Best bet: Download and install our Salesforce.com mobile app. There, you can digitally delivery gift cards to contacts and leads without ever leaving the screen. Or, seamlessly connect to our Gift Card API™.)

eGifter Rewards Salesforce App

3: Versatile — For Any Campaign You Design

If you plan to follow an RFP selection process, be sure to add selection criteria around versatility. For example, cover multiple scenarios like bulk purchase and direct delivery to individuals. Those options go for both physical and digital gift cards. Also, perform an internal audit to surface all of the rewards programs across the company. The strategic, scalable win occurs when you select a single rewards platform (like eGifter Rewards) that handles them all. Here are a few examples:

4: Personal, Thoughtful and Memorable

Look for a platform that makes customization effortless. The eGifter Rewards platform has dozens of ways to create a more branded, more personal, more engaging recipient experience.

  • Logos, colors, fonts
  • Editable copy
  • Images, videos and greeting cards

5: Last But Not Least: Everyone Loves Gift Cards

The experience of receiving a gift card is way more impactful than traditional approaches like discounts, coupons or coffee mugs. Getting a gift card truly feels special, memorable and valuable. When accompanied by a direct message that has meaning, the winner bell rings.

Our gift card rewards experts are here to help. Contact us and learn more today.

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