Sometimes it feels like every great marketing idea has already been conceptualized and executed. However, taking a beat to gather some inspiration can often lead to something special. We hope that’s the case with this post, where we suggest integrating American Express® Reward Cards with other marketing strategies. Here, we’ll offer a gift card marketing idea or few to offer a fresh perspective and keep you moving forward powerfully. Suffice it to say, American Express® Reward Cards are open for business.

American Express® Reward Cards are Best in Class

American Express® reward cards are a well known favorite, everywhere. When you design your promotional strategy around this particular gift card incentive, you’ll be off to the races. Gift card marketing incentivizes consumers to take a desired action. In exchange, they receive a tangible reward. Loyalty programs, referral programs and social promotions all get a boost in response rates when gift card marketing is employed.

Why You Should Use Gift Card Marketing

The reasons to rely on reward marketing with gift cards are endless. First and foremost, everyone loves gift cards because they make shopping easier and more fun. This is especially true when the gift card was received for free during a promotion or special offer. All of that makes them compelling as a marketing incentive. The business benefits include building a loyal customer base, acquiring first time buyers and adding new revenue through repeat purchases.

Ideas to Integrate American Express® with Other Marketing Strategies

As part of your continuous improvement plan, take a few minutes to revisit all of your marketing plans this year. Then, scan the ideas below to see where gift card rewards fit in. They can be a cost-effective way to energize even the best campaign or program.  

  • Expense Control: Ask your team to trim budgets and reward them with an American Express® Virtual Reward Card. The savings can be dramatic, even with the cost of the reward.
  • Revamp Social Campaigns: Inject an incentive to drive engagement. Add a reward to thank those that participated.
  • Reward Employee Performance: Staff retention soars with employee recognition and appreciation.
  • Create an Irresistible Sale: Sweeten the deal by giving an American Express® gift card and keep them coming back for more. 
  • Add a Special Offer to Email Marketing: Motivate response with gift card incentives. They work!
  • Holiday Marketing: A little extra sparkle is always available when an American Express® gift card is part of the holiday magic.
  • Trade Shows and Events: Drive attendees to your booth and get them sharing pain points with sales reps. Gift cards are the perfect premium incentive item.

Buy the American Express® Virtual Reward Card in Bulk

Purchase the American Express® Virtual Reward Card in bulk at eGifter Rewards. It’s flexible, convenient and carries the world renowned prestige of the American Express brand.

  • Easy to use: The card can be used just like a credit or debit card, making it simple and hassle-free for your team to redeem their rewards.
  • Widely accepted: The American Express Reward Card can be used at millions of merchants worldwide, including online and in-store.
  • Flexible: Your team members can use the card for a wide range of purchases, from everyday expenses to luxury items.

Gift Cards in Bulk