Scalability through business process automation is the way to crush the competition in today’s agile economy. Modernizing your rewards and incentive program is more than upgrading computers and networks. It’s about looking deeply into systems and processes to uncover bottlenecks that slow down progress and hinder your growth. An easy place to maximize speed, spending and results will be your Sales, Marketing and HR programs that utilize rewards and incentives platforms. If you’re like most companies, your teams are frustrated, having to rely on archaic methods to source gift items. These include premium incentive gifts, marketing fulfillment pieces and employee awards.

It may be tough to admit in today’s high speed eCommerce era. However, your managers may be literally standing in line at retail stores to purchase plastic gift cards in bulk quantities, repackaging them, and manually distributing to employees, customers and prospects. If your company is handling customer service, appeasement, rebates, point awards or any other reward or incentives strategy in this antiquated way, there’s a new game in town — and it’s paying off in spades.

Build a Digital Rewards and Incentives Program

With single, multifunction system like eGifter Rewards, your rewards and incentives  program is easy, efficient and powerful. Whether you’ll connect through an API or the dashboard portal, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your teams’ productivity — and morale.

  1. Enable multiple administrators to login and perform tasks simultaneously across multiple departments, lines of business, geographies and profit centers.
  2. Make sure there is zero integration required and that off the shelf functionality will allow you to hit the ground running with minimal ramp up time, energy and budget.
  3. Choose a solution that will allow a white label solution, so that your brand identity is the one your recipients see throughout their reward experience.
  4. Security comes first. Protection like two-factor authentication and user based permissions and roles are baseline measures for evaluating platforms like eGifter Rewards.
  5. Reporting and budget management must satisfy leaders at all levels and across all departments. Be sure the platform you choose automates these tasks to meet your accounting requirements. 

Enjoy the Advantages of Purchasing Gift Cards in Bulk

Get all of the standard, well known advantages of bulk purchasing, such as:

  • Money savings based on volume discounts
  • Managing digital inventory safely
  • Reduced set of gift card procurement tasks
  • Access to a vast selection of gift card brands
  • Simplicity around vendor management

….And Delight Your Recipients with Your Personal Touch

Combine that the special connection achieved with traditional one-to-one gifting.

  • Send animated greeting cards that reflect the holiday mood
  • Add personal messages to communicate exactly what you want them to know
  • Reach your audience easily and quickly with delivery methods including text and email
  • Choose the retail gift card brand that matches their lifestyle and preference
  • Or, send an open loop Vanilla Visa or eGifter Choice Card and let them choose from among hundreds of gift card brands they are sure to love

Ready to modernize your rewards program? Contact us and start rewarding your customers today.