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A Profile in Courage | Bulk Gift Card Purchasing

Bulk Gift Buyer Job Profile: This position is responsible for bulk purchasing of corporate gifts across the year and organization. Gifting scenarios will include holidays, customer appreciation, marketing promotions, sales incentives, customer appeasement and bulk gifts for employees. Beyond the standard job duties, you must serve as a corporate gifting guru. Cross-organizational engagement is [...]

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Virtual Incentives: Gift Cards for Every Business Strategy

Best practices will have you apply a single, overarching strategy to every area of your business. Doing so is achievable, logical, cost-effective and powerful.  Naturally, we are referencing virtual incentives: gift cards for every business strategy. The eGifter Rewards platform is the vehicle. There, you can accessing a catalog of over 300 of the [...]

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Digital Gift Cards for Business

When you stop to consider the global perspective, the range and number of business challenges made easier through access to a secure and robust gift card catalog with a simple order and delivery system is truly dizzying. Our gift card platform makes it easy for leaders to meet their objectives, drive sales and generate [...]

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On Memorial Day, Gift Cards to Honor Veterans

Chances are, someone related to your business has provided military service to our country. On this Memorial Day, we suggest a unique honor for those who serve or have served.  Distribute a Charity Choice gift card  or Charity On Top Gift Card.  Sending these gift cards to employees and customers is a gesture that dignifies [...]

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Reward Participants with Gift Card Choice

Question: How can you give thousands of people a SINGLE gift card -- yet HUNDREDS of gift cards -- at the same time? Answer: The eGifter Rewards Choice Card. Program Managers often rely on incentives and rewards to drive loyalty and response. It should be easy, and it is. There are no minimums and no [...]

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QuickStart Guide to Loyalty, Rewards and Incentives

A one size fits all solution for your Loyalty, Rewards and Incentive Program does indeed exist. The challenge is not for the faint hearted. Today's business environment is volatile and complex. Customer retention is the way build lifetime customer value and profitability. This quickstart guide to loyalty, rewards and incentives is a brief checklist. [...]

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Cheers! To Employee Motivation and New Beginnings

The New Year is filled with promise. In our personal lives, there are many adventures with family and friends waiting to unfold. The good times and challenges in our personal paths are unknown at this moment. And at work, there are many goals to set and achieve. This is the perfect time to steady ourselves, [...]

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A Picture Perfect Holiday

We Hope Your Holidays are Picture Perfect From our families to yours, the team at eGifter wishes you a joyous holiday season. We dedicate this message to all those who work hard all year long. The holidays represent special moments in life -- the moments that really count. And this is the week we’ve [...]

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Survival Kit for Corporate Gifting

The unrelenting pressure of having to “do more with less” can be a drain on our productivity (and psyche!) -- on a daily basis. Why is it that our ever growing task lists never seem to whittle away? Looming deadlines always seem to be upon us and it feels impossible to get ahead of our [...]

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Welcome to the eGifter Rewards Blog!

The long days of summer are now a faded memory. Sights are set on the holiday season, where everyone looks forward to special moments only the holidays can bring -- both on-the-job and at home. With an eye on the holiday gift giving calendar, the entire team at eGifter Rewards is hard at [...]

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