Best practices will have you apply a single, overarching strategy to every area of your business. Doing so is achievable, logical, cost-effective and powerful.  Naturally, we are referencing virtual incentives: gift cards for every business strategy. The eGifter Rewards platform is the vehicle. There, you can accessing a catalog of over 300 of the best gift card brands. Login to a secure portal and purchase bulk quantities of gift cards. Then, craft personal messages and send them by text or email. The virtual incentives strategy produces gift cards that reward, motivate and encourage. 

Virtual Incentives to Fit Any Business Strategy

Our clients report increased revenue from repeat usage by an engaged customer base. Not to mention employee retention, a rise in lifetime customer value and so much more. Here are a few ways you can use virtual incentives.

  • Extend employee longevity and productivity
  • Make your customers happier and more loyal
  • Build preference from your supply chain and distribution channels
  • Inspire sales teams to build their pipeline and close more deals
  • Help your technical support and customer service staff effectively manage problems and complaints
  • Say Thank You in meaningful ways that deepen relationships with every stakeholder
Strategy Results to be Achieved through Gift Card Incentives
Loyalty Incentives and Rewards Gaining allegiance and preference from anyone in the stakeholder spectrum including employees, sales representatives, distribution channel partners, consumers, customers, app users, friends and family.
Health & Wellness Incentives and Rewards Offers participants the opportunity to lower their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and/or earning additional cash incentives for managing their health and health risks.
Sales Motivation, Incentives and Rewards Helping to generate enthusiasm, inspiration and perseverance to achieve sales goals, quotas and milestones. Drives revenue and profitability by maintaining momentum especially during off-peak seasonality.
Employee Appreciation An expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude to valued employees — the indispensable and differentiating power that makes your company tick.
Cash Out Incentives and Rewards “Cash out” is a term used to describe the conversion of any type of investment into money. The investment could include time and effort, like taking specific actions and behaviors. The world of software and apps has opened wide to include the payoff of gift cards as rewards.
Marketing Promotions and Fulfillment Items Creative, tactical campaigns meant to increase awareness, create interest, generate sales and create brand loyalty. When combined with special offers that are fulfilled with gift card rewards, response rates can skyrocket.
Performance Incentives and Recognition Effective in helping to inspire and encourage employees to give a maximum effort at all times. Companies that use gift cards for this purpose can get employees to work at maximum capacity gain a valuable competitive edge.
Corporate Gifting Corporate gifting is a business imperative, yet they pose a significant challenge to meet budget limitations, geographical restrictions and personal preference. Gift cards are clearly the answer — providing advanced technology that makes it simple and wonderful both to give AND get.
Gamification Incentives and Rewards Applies the typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to desired behaviors (like reaching sales milestones or taking actions that save the company time/money while improving someone’s life). Build gamification into your business plan for customers, employees and sales team — with eRewards as the cash out item. Results will soar.
Market Research Survey Incentives and Rewards To encourage users to complete a questionnaire and survey — or to thank them after submitting a completed survey, users are rewarded most often cash or “points” that can be redeemed for gift cards.
Customer Retention Programs The myriad of activities and actions companies and organizations take to reduce the number of customer defections. The goal is to retain as many customers as possible, often through customer loyalty and brand loyalty initiatives featuring gift card items — easily procured from
Consumer Satisfaction and Appeasement Great companies bend over backwards to satisfy an angry customer, or avoid negative sentiment on social media. There are always some customers who just can’t seem to be satisfied — and gift cards always help turn frowns upside down.
Employee Engagement When businesses employ forward-thinking workplace approaches for employee engagement, they foster an environment where people can give their best each day. This adds to the well being of the company, their customers and the people that work there. Everyone wins.
Holiday Gifting Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your corporate list, no matter your budget, is no small matter. Gift cards are perfect holiday gifts for everyone.
Social Media Engagement Companies who empower customers and employees to share content perform better. For sure, gift card rewards are a great hook because they’re valuable, easy to use and loved by everyone.
Coupons and Rebates A coupon will allow consumer to get an immediate incentive, whereas a rebate requires a customer to act after purchase to receive the incentive or discount. Either way, eRebates, eCoupons and eGift Cards are the perfect fulfillment item.
Exceptional Customer Support In our efforts to constantly improve customer satisfaction and customer retention, a key element rests in strategies that encourage, train, and motivate support staff to care and to respond effectively. Gift card incentives and rewards have proven to be powerful means to produce exceptional customer support.
Employee Service Awards If you haven’t made meaningful enhancements to your employee years of service award program in the past few years, it’s not as effective as it could be and you are missing out. Get with the program and give gift cards to the staff dedicated to your company’s success.