The New Year is filled with promise. In our personal lives, there are many adventures with family and friends waiting to unfold. The good times and challenges in our personal paths are unknown at this moment. And at work, there are many goals to set and achieve. This is the perfect time to steady ourselves, to take stock and to get motivated. Whatever your New Year resolutions or goals may be for 2019, from the eGifter Rewards team to you — here are some motivational ideas to inspire sales success, marketing achievements, HR rewards, employee satisfaction and personal happiness.

Get into Motion

Being unstoppable starts with the very first step. And in today’s competitive climate, staying abreast of the latest HR tools, sales rewards and performance incentive systems is job #1. Remember, “if you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.” (Bob Hooey)

Reward Yourself

Part of your job might be to reward others for their success and achievements. But, how often do you remember to reward yourself? When you reach your goals, you deserve to acknowledge your win. In fact, at eGifter Rewards, we like to say that rewards are the “ROM” — Return on Motivation.

Whatever your passion or hobby, there are gift cards and eGift Cards you will enjoy as a reward for your accomplishment, large or small. From to Whole Foods, there’s a giftcard for you!

Build Meaningful Relationships
Customer relationship management is the stronghold of business success. With this imperative in mind, now is the time to evaluate and implement B2B tools to win hearts and minds of customers — incentivizing them to continue buying from you and build their preference for you over your competitors. Engaging prospects, converting them to buyers, and maintaining their customer loyalty is a winning formula for long lasting dividends. In short, “Value the Relationship More Than the Quota.” (Jeffrey Gitomer)

Inspiration for the New Year

Add Value

There is powerful personal motivation in providing solutions that help others. Empowering colleagues and customers to achieve more by incentivizing, rewarding and acknowledging them not only feels good, but generates awesome and measurable results. There’s nothing wrong with using sales and marketing tactics to inspire and bring out the greatness in others. Doing so is a value-add that keeps on giving. As said by Albert Einstein, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”


Believe in Yourself

“Working hard is important. But, there is something that matters even more; Believing in Yourself.” (Harry Potter)

If you believe it, you can do it.  Our team is proof positive that endless possibilities exist with the deep belief that begins within.