Riddle: How can you give thousands of people a SINGLE gift card — yet HUNDREDS of gift cards — at the exact same moment? Answer: The eGifter Rewards Choice Card! As a Program Manager, you are tasked to design and implement an Incentive, Rewards and Loyalty System with creativity, security and finesse. Chances are, your requirements cover a myriad of activities across departments: Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Human Resources, and Customer Support.

One solution, enterprise-wide.

Serving all of those departments and approaches, it’s easy to see that audiences, objectives and strategies are wide ranging. Let’s take a closer look.

Campaigns and Participants. So many of both. 

In every area of the business, there are so many different forms of participation.

On the marketing side of the house, there are countless types of promotions and campaigns. And, there are even more strategies and methods for executing them. Activities like sign-up bonuses, expanding subscriber bases, adding new members, lifting survey response, motivating positive social reviews, increasing number of followers, building a quality database, awarding contest winners and increasing votes all depend on access to appealing fulfillment items that contain stored value. And it’s not just marketing campaigns and promotions that have this requirement. Product development teams, especially for gaming and interactive applications, also rely on compelling game payouts that monetize points and tokens for cash prizes.

You’re not just giving a participant a gift card, you’re giving them exactly what they want — freedom to choose the store and item they prefer.   

On the sales side, activities and participants are distinct. Sales teams constantly try to engage with prospects and customers to achieve specific selling objectives that drive revenue and profitability. Activities like team building events, sales quota achievement and purchase bonuses (like sign-up incentives) all generate a set of participants. While these participants acquired their gift or reward in different ways, they all achieved a result that requires fulfillment.

human resources teams employ a completely unique set of campaigns and approaches geared towards employees, workers, vendors and corporate partners. HR reward and incentive programs focus on activities like employee recognition, service anniversary awards, goal achievement and staff retention. Again, gift items are essential and fundamental.

Last but not least, customer service teams have just as much need for a rewards, loyalty and incentive platform as sales, marketing and HR. While the participant activities from a support perspective are unique, they still require an organized, efficient and secure way to acknowledge, engage, thank and appease people that purchase your products and services.

Give appealing rewards to everyone, despite diversity 

Who are your participants? They are real people with real lives.

While it may be impossible to know for sure, they could easily be one or more of the following: Parents, grandparents, kids, coaches, philanthropists, homeowners, lifelong learners and passionate educators.

More to the point, what are their lifestyles? What are their hobbies and entertainment preferences? How do they enjoy spending their time? At the heart of these inquiries is the quest for a solution to identify rewards and incentives will light them up.

A good guess would be one or more of these. And even without knowing these people personally, you really want to give them what they *really want*.

Outdoor living | Cooking | Travel | Fine or Casual Dining | Movies | Streaming services | Listening to Music | Playing Music | Sports | Fitness | Home improvement | Pets | Art | Beauty | Fashion | Fun & Adventure | Electronics | Gaming | Technology | Home decorating | Landscaping | Photography | Investing | Wine Tasting | Arts & Crafts | Life’s simple pleasures.

The sure bet: eGifter Rewards Choice Card™

Exclusive to the eGifter Rewards platform, this generic gift card can be exchanged for any one of HUNDREDS of retail brands. You’re not just giving a participant a gift card, you’re expressing your care for them — by giving the freedom to choose the store and item they prefer.

Long story short, this single eGifter Rewards Choice Redemption page is the answer that’s no longer elusive and available to you now. 

Your search for a reliable, secure and awesome rewards solution ends here.