Question: How can you give thousands of people a SINGLE gift card — yet HUNDREDS of gift cards — at the same time? Answer: The eGifter Rewards Choice Card. Program Managers often rely on incentives and rewards to drive loyalty and response. It should be easy, and it is. There are no minimums and no commitments when you reward participants with gift card choice through the eGifter Rewards platform.  

Engage and Reward Participants

Serving all of those departments and approaches, it’s easy to see that audiences, objectives and strategies are wide ranging. In every area of the business, there are so many different forms of participation.

On the marketing side of the house, there are countless types of promotions and campaigns. And, there are even more strategies and methods for executing them. And it’s not just marketing campaigns and promotions that require fulfillment items. Gaming and interactive applications also rely on payouts that monetize points and tokens for cash prizes.

“You’re not just giving a participant a gift card, you’re giving them exactly what they want — freedom to choose the store and item they prefer.”

On the sales side, activities and participants are distinct. Sales teams constantly try to engage with prospects and customers to achieve specific selling objectives that drive revenue and profitability. Team building events, sales quota achievement and purchase bonuses include participants. Rewarding participants is the best way to build engagement.

human resources teams employ a completely unique set of campaigns and programs. These include employee recognition, service anniversaries and staff retention. Gift items are essential and fundamental.

And customer service teams also rely on rewards, loyalty and incentives for customer appeasement and retention.

A Sure Bet — the eGifter Rewards Choice Card™

The Rewards Choice Card can be redeemed for any one of HUNDREDS of retail brands. You’re not just giving a participant a gift card, you’re giving freedom of choice. Contact us to learn more.