Bulk Gift Buyer Job Profile: This position is responsible for bulk purchasing of corporate gifts that are delivered in a personalized and customized way for an unlimited range of gifting scenarios like holiday gifts, customer appreciation gifts, marketing contests and promotions, trade show fulfillment, sales incentives, customer appeasement, performance motivation, employee service awards, health and wellness rewards, consumer engagement, gamification payouts and good, old fashioned Thank You’s. The candidate must be proficient in whatever job they are actually interviewing for PLUS they must handle this secondary role as corporate gifting guru. Cross-organizational engagement is mandatory, such that teams from corporate headquarters, technical support, marketing strategy, sales and business development must be able to count on you to select, send and track gift purchases for all occasions. But, don’t worry, you will be able to accomplish it ALL–  with ease, by leveraging the eGifterRewards gift card platform

“I wish I had a dollar for every hour I used to spend shopping for corporate gifts, incentives and rewards BEFORE we enabled the eGifter Rewards platform. With all those bucks, I’d be sailing on the Mediterranean right about now.”

Job Performance: Efficiency and Effectiveness Guaranteed

By automating your bulk gifting approach and deploying gift cards as a web-based solution, you’ll instantly add powerful capabilities and generate measurable results:

  • Save untold hours associated with shopping, wrapping, delivering and managing gifts
  • No longer waste funds on gifts and items that your recipients don’t actually want
  • Never again spend time dealing with a gift that was not delivered or received
  • Track budgets by location, by department, by campaign, by date, by recipient and by gift card
  • Delight your recipients by expressing your intended message with giftcards they’ll really love

End Result: From good to great

Corporate buyers, procurement managers and bulk gift purchasers everywhere go from good to great in a blink once the eGifter Rewards platform is enabled.

FROM: Not knowing what item to select
TO: Picking a perfectly curated and exquisitely presented gift.

FROM: Concern that your recipient will not get your sincerity
TO: Being able to distribute gifts to thousands of people at once, while speaking to each of them in  a personal way

FROM:  An inability to throttle gift amounts to match the different people on your list
TO: Simplicity to deliver varying denominations based on the recipient’s profile and stature

FROM: The limitation of physical delivery and their related costs and hassles
TO: A completely digital experience, delivering gift cards by email, text or printout

FROM: No choice but to send self-serving gifts, like t-shirts and caps with your logo
TO: An unlimited selection of gifts and items to award, from *hundreds* of the country’s top retailers

Ultimately, you (and your company) will experience an exponential increase in productivity by avoiding the manual and inefficient time and money spent on sourcing gifts and promotional items. At the same time, the huge uptick in goodwill and the results of gifting are the reward you will reap time and time again.