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Trending Now and Forever: Employee Health and Wellness

Searching for ideas to engage your workforce in a healthy way? Consider creating an Employee Wellness Program. It’s easier than you think and will pay off in spades for your company, your staff and your customers. A research study by Rand Corporation (one of the 50 Most Influential Think Tanks in the U.S.) reveals [...]

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Delta Airlines Gift Cards for Loyalty Rewards

Whether issuing loyalty rewards, employee service awards or engagement incentives, you have the potential to really make a difference in someone’s life. That, as opposed to simply crossing a task off your list. The Delta Gift Card is one that can literally mean the world to someone. Delta Gift Cards for loyalty rewards [...]

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5 Feel Good Quotes about Employee Appreciation

Fact or fiction? Workers who feel appreciated work harder. At eGifter Rewards, we’re certain that it’s fact. Our corporate clients attest to it. Companies that rely on the platform for sending personalized gift cards to workers report increased retention, satisfaction -- and greater productivity. In short, businesses grow faster and achieve greater success when [...]

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Employee Recognition & Rewards: The Keys to the Kingdom

Great leaders aren’t born that way. Over time and through experience, great leaders emerge. One of their traits is the ability to cultivate a powerful workforce. The ability to hire and nurture employee talent can't be overstated. In fact, employee recognition and rewards are often considered the keys to the kingdom. Architecting a vision, setting [...]

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4 Reasons Employers Choose a Digital Gift Card Rewards Platform

What do employees want most? As a human resources leader, you’re probably familiar with this question -- and you probably spend a lot of time weighing the answer. Of all the methods used to engage your staff and help them perform powerfully, there is one ideal solution you can implement now. This low friction, [...]

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15 Ways to Create Employee Satisfaction

Congrats on the progress so far: You’ve recruited, interviewed, hired and onboarded a strong new employee. You orchestrated scores of tasks across many departments and managers. Your staffer is ready to hit the ground running and able to contribute to the company.  Now, multiply those hours across ALL of the new hires at your [...]

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Welcome to the eGifter Rewards Blog!

The long days of summer are now a faded memory. Sights are set on the holiday season, where everyone looks forward to special moments only the holidays can bring -- both on-the-job and at home. With an eye on the holiday gift giving calendar, the entire team at eGifter Rewards is hard at [...]

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